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#DontBeIdle Campaign: Air Quality Marshalling in Westminster

London has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the country, with road transport contributing to over half of the most harmful emissions. Discover how we’re helping to overcome this problem — and how you, too, can make a difference. In some areas of Westminster, national air quality objectives have been exceeded. Meanwhile, …Read more

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coffee week

UK Coffee Week – the nations largest celebration of coffee, all for a good cause

Happy UK Coffee week! You’ve just walked out of your local coffee shop and are heading underground ready to face your morning commute. After battling the crowds walking back and fourth on the platform you’ve finally reached your stop and are heading to the office, now holding an empty coffee cup. Where do you dispose …Read more

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waste regulations

Top 6 waste regulations that are not adhered to in Westminster

Curious to know about the six waste regulations most commonly not adhered to in Westminster? Could your business be contributing to some of them? Read on to find out. It’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to waste and recycling, so we’ve created a run-down of the top six waste regulations that are broken …Read more

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Extinction Rebellion protests

Large parts of the West End are currently affected by the Extinction Rebellion protest. This protest is occupying main traffic routes causing delays. The City Council is in close liaison with the emergency and contingency services to address the situation and minimise the disruption. Updates will be available at Met Police or on Twitter: @MetPoliceUK Waste and recycling collections …Read more

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Why should you use Westminster City Council's Commercial Waste Services?

We can help you improve your green credentials

By choosing us your green credentials will shoot through the roof. We guarantee your waste is not sent to a landfill site where it can generate harmful methane gas. Instead, it is used to generate electricity and heat for 50,000 London homes every year.

  • Your recycling is sent to Southwark where it is sorted and sent to other sites to be reused or made into new materials.
  • Your recycling is processed in this country and will not be shipped abroad.

See our Infographic on ‘What happens to our rubbish and recycling in Westminster

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How much carbon is your waste producing?

We have built a carbon calculator that shows how much carbon your waste produces, compared to how much it would produce with our services.

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We’re reliable and flexible

Your waste and recycling is the last thing you have time to worry about. That’s why we offer you low cost and reliable services to take care of it for you. 

  • Our costs are among the lowest in the UK, and you don’t pay VAT – up to 20% cheaper than a private waste collector
  • Our experience – we collect 195,000 tonnes of waste a year, enough to fill 24,000  double decker buses
  • More collection vehicles than any other service in central London
  • Green credentials: we use local waste facilities and do not send your waste to landfill
  • Up to three collections every day
  • Excellent customer service including your own personal account manager
  • A telephone helpline available 24-hours a day
  • A three-hour response time to deal with unexpected problems
  • Reliability – we did not miss any collections during major events and bad weather has never stopped our collections

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