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We are reliable and flexible

Everything we collect is sent to locally based high-performing waste disposal and recycling facilities. The waste is then turned into raw resources for manufacturing and creating new products or used to generate electricity and heat for up to 50,000 London homes each year.

Some of this electricity even powers our new electric collection trucks. Westminster City Council operates the largest waste management fleet in London, working hard to ensure we are leaders in our industry when striving to find innovative ways to reduce traffic emissions and air pollution.

We work with an enormous diversity of businesses across multiple sectors such as retail, hospitality, offices, service providers, event management. Our knowledgeable service experts are always at hand to meet your commercial waste collection requirements. Come rain or shine and whether it’s a bank holiday or a special event, we are always near to collect your commercial waste.

business waste westminster
Why should you use Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services?
  • Our costs are among the lowest in the UK, and you don’t pay VAT – up to 20% cheaper than a private waste collector
  • Our experience – we collect 195,000 tonnes of waste a year, enough to fill 24,000 double decker buses
  • More collection vehicles than any other service in central London
  • Green credentials: we use local waste facilities and do not send your waste to landfill
  • Up to three collections every day
  • Excellent customer service including your own personal account manager
  • A telephone helpline available 24-hours a day
  • A three-hour response time to deal with unexpected problems
  • Reliability – we are always there, even during special events or bank holidays and heavy traffic or bad weather have never stopped our collections
  • business waste westminster

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