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Westminster City Council

Blue recycling bags

Please order blue (mixed) recycling bags for businesses via this link or phone 020 7641 6180

Please note that enquiries from residents cannot be dealt with here. Please follow this link instead.

Mixed recycling bags are used when businesses do not have enough space for separate recycling bins for the different streams of recycling such as cans, plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays, paper, cardboard, glass and Tetra cartons. Mixed recycling bags can be used to collect all of the different recyclable waste elements before later being sorted at a Mechanised Sorting Facility. This means you only separate all recyclable elements and place them into a bag rather than separating everything into individual bags or bins. Learn more about mixed recycling here. 

If you have storage space for bins we would be more than happy to supply you with waste containers to keep them off the street. Whatever your requirements we can tailor a solution that suits you with our range of containers for either your waste or recycling streams. Find out more about our range of container solutions.

To find out more about what blue recycling bags are used for and where your waste goes to download our infographic on what happens to Westminster waste.