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Westminster City Council

Bulky waste from landlords

Westminster can assist with collecting all bulky waste from landlords, housing associations and residential managing agents on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis avoiding the need for expensive private contractors. Individual households can use our residential bulky waste collection service for items that are too large for the regular waste collection.

Bulky waste from landlords, housing associations and managing agents looking after residential properties is dealt with a little differently. Landlords and managing agents are classed as ‘traders’ and as such any bulky waste managed by them is classed as commercial waste.

We know that bulky items, which are often left by residents in waste and recycling (bin) storage areas, are a major daily management issue for landlords. Since these items can be a fire risk and safety concern it is important they are removed frequently and efficiently. Once bulky items have been dumped anywhere on the premises they’ll soon start attracting more. If you are faced with situations like in the photo above then just ask us to help you.

Westminster can collect any waste type; large or small, from mattresses and wood to electronic items and rubble. In addition, you can be assured the waste is only taken to licensed treatment and disposal facilities, something which is not always the case with unscrupulous collectors.

We’d be delighted to inform you about the wide range of bulky waste services, including (hoarder) property clearances, we have available for you. Just contact us or request a quote.