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Business recycling is essential for Recycle Week 2017

What is Recycle Week?

The annual Recycle Week is back and will take place next week from 25th September until 1st October. Since 2004, when it was first launched, the week has become a permanent fixture in the waste industry calendar. The aim of the week is to encourage recycling in households and businesses and to provide you with resources to help you along the way. This year’s theme is ‘Recycling – it’s worth it’.

Why exactly is business recycling ‘worth it’?

Every year London’s homes and businesses produce around 7 million tonnes of waste. In 2016, 37 percent of this was sent to landfill. However, it is estimated that by 2025, the landfills used in the London region will be full. Using materials once and then send them to landfill is wasteful and inefficient, as well as increasingly expensive. A lot of what currently ends up in landfill can easily be recycled which avoids depleting the very resources that support modern life.

Take a look at the Recycle Week video 

You can also get updates on recycle week and ‘why it’s worth it’ throughout the week from the Recycle Now website 


Business recycling is crucial for Recycle Week

Recycle Week helps residents and business to recycle more and recycle better. Since businesses produce a lot more waste than households their role in recycling is a lot more important that you may realise.

Here are a few ideas on how to cut down on waste and start recycling:

  • Start a carrier bag reuse station. Even with the new 5p law implemented, there are always crowds of office workers in supermarkets at lunchtime buying new carrier bags. You could set up a point to drop off carrier bags so when somebody pops out for lunch they can use the same bag. So rather than throwing their carrier bags away each lunchtime, they can be reused time and time again.
  • Stick up some simple posters or stickers, clearly highlighting what materials can be recycled and what items should go in each recycling bin.
  • Put paper recycling boxes near to people’s desks. If people have the option to recycle, the chances are they will. But if it is more convenient just to throw it within the general waste then that’s most likely going to be the option they choose.

As a business there are hundreds of things to think about all the time, so why should recycle week be at the top of your priority list?

Simply by reusing and reducing the volumes of resources that your business is consuming, you’ll increase your profits by saving on having to buy new.  Also, by recycling your waste you’ll reduce your waste disposal costs.

Soon you’ll see that is really is worth it!

How can you take part in Recycle week?

To take part in Recycle Week all you have to do is to start recycling more. Could this be the week for starting a recycling program at work? If everybody recycled just a few extra items, the impact would be huge. To see ways on how you can reduce waste, including some of the best business recycling ideas that could help you throughout recycle week, view our range of guides.

What can we do to help you during Recycle Week?

Here at Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services, we support Recycle Week all year round and none of the waste we collect is sent to landfill. All of the commercial waste we collect is recycled or recovered. The general waste we collect is used to power and heat homes, and businesses, food waste is turned into green gas and fertilisers, and mixed recycling is sorted so it can be recycled into remanufactured materials and much more.

If you want to see an illustration of what this all looks like then please take a look at our ‘What happens to our waste’ infographic to see exactly what happens to each waste stream we collect.
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Recycling services for businesses

We are able to offer businesses truly closed loop recycling solutions for waste using local treatment facilities. We help local businesses support Recycle Week 365 days a year. You can get in touch with us about waste management and business recycling services using one of the buttons below.

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