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hart of london

The Hart of London: Christmas Sculpture

The Hart of London – the plastic waste sculpture that is lighting up St James’s Church At the end of October, we published a blog asking for plastic bottle donations for our Christmas recycling initiative, the Hart of London. The initiative was set up in partnership with Veolia and the Heart of London Business Alliance to …Read more

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waste collections over christmas

No changes to commercial waste collections over Christmas

Operating every day over the holiday period Whilst many businesses close for Christmas and New Year, we are well aware that thousands of our customers operate every day of the year. Just like us.  Where other collectors stop or reduce their services over the Christmas period, the City Council’s commercial waste and recycling collections for …Read more

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plastic waste

How do you know your plastic waste is actually recycled?

As a responsible business, I’m sure you recycle what you can, sorting out paper, card, glass and plastics etc. so they can be recycled into new products, but how do you know if these materials ever make it to a recycling plant?  Just because they make it to a sorting facility doesn’t mean they are …Read more

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plastic waste

Make your plastic waste the ‘hart’ of Christmas

To help raise awareness on plastic waste and encourage people to recycle more this festive season, Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services. Heart of London Business Alliance and Veolia have joined forces to create a Christmas sculpture made entirely from recycled plastic, as part of an education campaign for the city. Why should you join …Read more

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cardboard recycling westminster

Cardboard recycling Westminster – everything you need to know

Cardboard is one of the most widely recycled materials in the retail and office sectors and many working there are already familiar with it. In Westminster, these two sectors produce the lion’s share of cardboard collected for recycling. Thankfully, cardboard is one of the easier items to recycle and it is also a material in …Read more

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sustainability guide waste management

Free Guide for Sustainability Day 24th October 2018

Today (in Wikipedia’s list of environmental dates) is recorded as ‘Sustainability Day’ and so we are marking the day by offering a free downloadable copy of our Sustainability Guide for businesses.  Sustainability has been a major feature of world news this year as we collectively seek to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to …Read more

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Revolutionary technology helps improve London air quality

Groundbreaking technology developed in the UK will be fitted to rubbish trucks in Westminster, in the bid to reduce harmful emissions and nitrogen oxide by 99 per cent.   The innovative solution replaces existing exhaust systems and filters emissions of the heavy-duty diesel vehicles. The technology, developed by Eminox in partnership with Westminster City Council …Read more

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advance london workshop

Circular Restaurants – a practical guide to zero waste and resources

Did you know that the equivalent of £6,000 worth of perfectly edible food is thrown in the bin every year by each small hospitality/food retail business in London? Whilst, at the same time, UK based SME’s in the hospitality sector, are overspending on their energy bills by nearly £92 million per year. This is a …Read more

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energy efficiency day 2018

How efficient can we make Westminster on this year’s Energy Efficiency Day?

We’ve been recognising some hugely positive environmental campaigns in the past few weeks, including Zero Emissions Day and Recycle Week. If you didn’t manage to organise any sustainability initiatives at work around these dates, then you have another opportunity coming. On October 5th we’ll be highlighting Energy Efficiency Day as a great opportunity to save …Read more

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recycle week 2018 wrap

Tell the nation “Westminster does!” | Recycle Week 24th-30th September 2018

Supporting Recycle Week 2018 in Westminster Next week sees the 15th anniversary of this much-publicised national recycling campaign and the theme this year is “Recycling. WE DO! Because it matters”. It has been created to reflect the consensus that the nation as a whole is now saying “we do!” when asked if we recycle. So …Read more

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zero emissions day

Zero Emissions Day 21st September 2018 – an environmental challenge

Do you and your colleagues like an environmental challenge?  Zero Emissions Day – 21st September 2018 “Join the Global 24 hour Moratorium on the use of Fossil Fuels held annually on September 21 and benefit everything and everyone on our planet!” Ken Wallace, Environmentalist and ZeDay Founder If you are looking for a challenge that will …Read more

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notting hill event waste management

The party’s over – Notting Hill Carnival cleared with partner Veolia

Another successful 3-day Carnival – can you believe it was the 59th! – has been held in Notting Hill. There is always a substantial clean-up operation as the last revellers head home each night. The three-day festival hosted around two million people, eating and dancing their way along 3.5 miles of Notting Hill’s streets. Westminster …Read more

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opening a bar in Westminster

Guest Blog | The complete guide on how to open a bar

Considering opening a bar in Westminster?  Point of Sale (EPOS) supplier, Nobly, has written a well-researched, complete guide on how to open a bar. So we thought we would share that with our many bar, hotel and restaurant clients and any readers researching opportunities for running a bar in Westminster.  Here is a link to …Read more

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la tomatina

Collecting 100kg of food waste for composting after the famous celebration of La Tomatina

Originating in Bunol, Spain, the famous tomato-throwing riot, La Tomatina, is celebrated by hundreds every August. In recent years, the festival has made its way over to the UK and on Saturday 25th August, the celebrations will shape up on the streets of Westminster. Here’s how the day will take shape Aqua nueva, the Westminster-based …Read more

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heart of london

Case Study: Partnering with Heart of London Business Alliance to create benefits for businesses operating in London’s West End

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services is working with a number of London-based ‘BIDs’ (Business Improvement District), such as Heart of London Business Alliance, with two primary targets in mind: To offer discounted high-quality waste and recycling services to organisations within the BID areas To improve the environmental credentials of the BID’s area by increasing …Read more

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westminster lion

Westminster Lion Awards – Support Your Local Community

Westminster is home to 54,000 businesses, which provide jobs for 700,000 people. In our ever-changing circumstances, however, we are facing some challenges that affect everybody who works, lives and visits Westminster. To address those challenges, the City Council has encouraged these businesses to become a recognised Westminster Lion and urged them to make a difference …Read more

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Come and stop by at the Westminster Business Event

Westminster is a city of unrivalled opportunity. A place where businesses and residents have the support they need to grow and share in the prosperity of the city. However, living costs are rising, air quality is challenging and affecting everyone who lives, works and visits here. We want businesses to put responsible business practices at …Read more

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clean air westminster

Businesses across London’s West End have come together to improve air quality and make vast savings on waste collections

Join 83 other West End based businesses. Sign up to the Heart of London Business Alliance’s clean air initiative and waste consolidation scheme The Heart of London Business Alliance, who serve as a voice for 500 businesses and 100 property owners in the Piccadilly, St James’s and Leicester Square areas, are helping businesses to collectively …Read more

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walk for wasteaid

Join the walk for WasteAid 2018 – Bridging the Global Recycling Gap

In 2018, we have seen a strong focus on plastic waste and in particular, marine plastic pollution. On 23rd June, over 120 volunteers will be taking part in the 15.5-mile Walk for WasteAid across London including a number of the iconic Thames bridges, to raise awareness against marine plastics pollution. Why is it so important to …Read more

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best commercial waste collector

A day in the life of a commercial waste customer service advisor

What’s it really like working for Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services? Our last staff blog featured Tomasz from our waste collection team – so this time we thought we would talk to one of our Customer Service Advisors, Adele, who spends a lot of her day helping new and existing customers.     Q: …Read more

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health and safety at work

Need FREE Health and Safety Advice?

City of Westminster’s Health and Safety Team regulate a wide range of businesses in the city from, shops, offices, theatres, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, gyms/swimming pools, pubs and clubs. Businesses are bound by UK Law and must comply with The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 and associated regulations. If you operate a …Read more

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plastic pollution

Conquering Plastic Pollution – World Environment Day 2018

Conquering Plastic Pollution – World Environment Day 2018 Today’s World Environment Day 2018 begins a year focussing on plastic pollution. The theme, as is custom, was chosen by the host country. This year India is hosting the annual event and leading from the front with their efforts to bring an end to plastic pollution. Why …Read more

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Using secure shredding facilities to be GDPR compliant on paper-based records.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are increasingly seen as an intimidating subject for businesses. As the deadline approaches in May, there seems to be so much to do to ensure compliance. We wanted to set out how we can help you safely dispose of paper-based personal records with our secure shredding facilities. We can …Read more

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coffee cup recycling

‘Good-to-go’ coffee cup recycling scheme launched in Westminster

The Good-to-go trial scheme was launched on the 19th March. It is aimed at the daily on-the-go coffee drinker, and the objective is to help them recycle their takeaway cups more easily by offering them designated recycling solutions. The scheme is being launched in partnership with Westminster City Council, Veolia and Heart of London Business …Read more

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Global Recycling Day 18th March 2018 – Promote Action on Recycling Around the World

On the 18th March 2018, the first-ever Global Recycling Day will take place. Cities around the world such as London, Washington DC, Sao Paolo, Paris and many others will be hosting events to raise awareness of the environmental issues that we face globally and how recycling can help. The Bureau for International Recycling (BIR) has …Read more

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city spring clean

Get ready for spring with our waste and recycling bag offer

Is it time for your business or organisation to have a spring clear out? It is so easy, over the course of a year, to accumulate many items that are either broken or not being used, together with those few piles of rubbish that you’ve meant to sort out. These are all things that can …Read more

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event clean up services

Event clean up services in London – Chinese New Year 2018

On the 18th of February 2018, thousands of people will descend on the West End of London to celebrate the Chinese New Year. To honour the Chinese year of the dog, there will be plenty going on including colourful parades, music and dance performances and of course, fantastic food from the far east. It is …Read more

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sustainable waste management

Learn more about London’s air quality in the Heart of London Business Alliance Clean Air Workshop

Recently, there has been a number of positive developments towards improving the air quality in London. Current pollution levels in London are worryingly high, and there is a real consensus that action needs to take place to improve air quality. The Heart of London Business Alliance, who serve as a voice for 500 businesses and …Read more

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recycling fund for communities

Partner funds available for community recycling projects

Inspiring people and businesses to do the right thing with their waste and protect their local environment Both Westminster City Council and our recycling and waste management partner, Veolia, are always busy promoting recycling to businesses, organisations and residents alike. As such we’d like to draw your attention to the ‘Recycling fund for Communities’. Full …Read more

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recycling performance

Not exporting recyclable material could improve recycling performance

Articles in the papers recently mentioned the restrictions on recycling imports brought in by the Chinese government. These restrictions are aimed at eliminating imports of poor quality; badly sorted recyclable materials such as paper and plastics. But is this really so bad for recycling? Does this mean that some materials now don’t get recycled? The …Read more

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waste management regulations

Could you be breaking waste management regulations by fly-tipping and not even know about it?

Don’t run the risk of being responsible for breaking waste management regulations by fly-tipping Before you decide on who you give your waste to, do take note of some cautionary tales around ‘too good to be true’ cheap deals. Those deals could ultimately cost you a lot more in terms of money and reputation. There …Read more

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sustainability guide

Sustainability Guide: Straightforward tips on how your organisation can become environmentally sustainable

If one of your business’ New Year’s resolutions was to become more environmentally responsible in 2018, then we would like to offer you some help in the form of our new Sustainability Guide. By following some of the easily implemented suggestions you can join a host of Westminster businesses that appreciate they have a duty …Read more

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london lumiere

Waste advise for properties in Lumiere London event area:

Between Thursday 18th and Sunday 21st January 2018 a four-day light festival, Lumiere London, will take place in Westminster.  This year Westminster City Council long-term and trusted partner Veolia is sponsoring the Bottle Festoon at the festival. This light installation invites people to bring white or green plastic bottles to drop-in workshops and create glittering, icicle-like chandeliers. These eco-friendly …Read more

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Guest Blog: Don’t waste your wastes – get composting

According to the Food Standards Agency, the UK generates around 7 million tonnes of food waste every year. With all that wasted food, composting is probably the most earth-friendly way to recycle it. For every 100 Kg of organic waste, you can get 15 to 25 Kgs of compost which either can be used for your garden or …Read more

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What waste goes where?

Our new infographic guide shows you how to correctly segregate and manage your rubbish Do you ever say to yourself “I have no idea which bin this rubbish goes in”? With our new ‘What waste goes where?’ guide, you’ll be an instant expert at sorting your rubbish the right way. Our handy infographic is ideal …Read more

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smart bin

Are bin robots the future of recycling solutions?

Coming soon – a revolutionary smart recycling bin One of the biggest excuses not to recycle is “I don’t know which bin to put which item in!”. A new, almost robotic, ‘smart bin’ could ensure that everybody can recycle to the fullest extent. Bin.E’s new invention could see an end to the time spent sorting …Read more

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recycling in london

Showcase your business’ waste and recycling efforts

Between September 25th and October 1st, there is a competition from The Heart of London Business Alliance – one of the business improvement districts (BID) in Westminster. The competition is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase how your business is reusing, reducing and recycling waste, whilst saving money in the process. This is a …Read more

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business recycling recycle week

Business recycling is essential for Recycle Week 2017

What is Recycle Week? The annual Recycle Week is back and will take place next week from 25th September until 1st October. Since 2004, when it was first launched, the week has become a permanent fixture in the waste industry calendar. The aim of the week is to encourage recycling in households and businesses and …Read more

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london open house

Come and see what happens to your waste as part of the London Open House Weekend

Have you ever wondered what happens to the rubbish from your business once it is collected? We offer completely transparency around how and where we send the waste and recycling we collect. We encourage people to see how the facilities we send waste to operate and what it is they exactly do. This weekend, 16th …Read more

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sustainable waste disposal

The London Mayor’s proposed Environment Strategy

Sustainable waste management in London – the Greater London Authority’s proposed Environment Strategy The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published a draft of the London Environment Strategy for consultation on August 11th.  This strategy reiterates that change will have to be made ensuring that London remains a liveable city to live and work in. The …Read more

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hospitality waste management

High-quality hospitality waste management in Westminster for The Royal Automobile Club

The Royal Automobile Club was founded in 1897 and was first brought to light when it introduced the 1000 mile trial in 1900. The race still remains the oldest continuous competitive motor sports event. Since then it has gained a royal title and has had praise from politicians, celebrities, business people and royalty itself. Although …Read more

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event waste management in london

Event Clean-up for the large Notting Hill Carnival

Providing post-event cleaning to the streets of the Notting Carnival Europe’s biggest street carnival will be taking place from the 27-28 August 2017, the Notting Hill Carnival. It is a date that millions of people will have in their diary for all kinds of purposes. From partying hard, parading through the streets of Notting Hill, …Read more

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carbon from waste

Can you make carbon savings from recycling with Westminster City Council?

How big is the carbon footprint of your waste? We are often asked the question as to whether switching to our Commercial Waste Services is actually of benefit to the environment. This reflects the fact that many organisations have targets within their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes to do whatever they can to reduce …Read more

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Providing paper and card recycling for businesses in Westminster

Did you know that by simply separating your paper and card from your mixed recycling you could be saving money and the environment? Whilst mixed recycling provides you with a quick and easy form of recycling, many materials can suffer from this process, especially the quality of paper. Paper and card waste is often created …Read more

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Offering a 365-day waste collection services to businesses in Westminster

Businesses that operate during busy trading periods could be suffering by not having weekend waste collections Does your business produce most of its waste at the weekend? Westminster City Council can help keep your business running smoothly every day of the week through cost effective and reliable weekend waste collections. Unlike some other waste collectors, …Read more

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waste management in hotels

Providing hotel waste management in Mayfair – the award winning Claridge’s

Helping the award-winning Claridge’s deliver the highest levels of hotel waste management and environmental responsibility Have you ever wondered how some of the most famous hotels in Westminster manage their waste so effectively? At Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services, we work with Claridge’s to provide unrivalled waste management services, helping to protect the environment …Read more

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recycling facility

Is your recycling in Westminster being recycled?

You may often wonder, what happens to your recycling after it is collected? All the recycling collected by Westminster City Council is treated to the highest standards via technologically superior processes ensuring that all that is recyclable actually gets recycled by our trusted long term partner Veolia, at their materials recovery facilities. However, this might …Read more

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westminster waste collections

5 steps to starting rubbish and recycling collections in Westminster

Our infographic guide will show you the easy steps to getting started with Westminster waste collections If your business or organisation needs to start rubbish and recycling collections using bags which are presented for collection on the street then please have a read of this page. Our 5 Step Guide to starting bagged waste and …Read more

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retail waste

Retailers can save money and the environment by switching to Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service

Westminster retailers can help reduce air pollution – and save money – by using Westminster City Council to collect your retail waste Westminster contains some of the most famous shopping streets in the world including Oxford Street, Regent Street, New Bond Street, Brompton Road and Covent Garden. Millions of shoppers visit these streets each year. …Read more

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hotel waste management

Providing hotel waste management in Marylebone

Hotel partners with Westminster City Council for continuous improvement in hospitality waste management For those readers involved in operating one of the many Westminster’s hotels or event venues, we’d like to draw your attention to our latest case study featuring The Langham Hotel. In this case study, we take a look at some of the …Read more

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