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Westminster City Council

Celebrating London’s trees and woodlands

47% of London is green space; with over 18 million trees it’s the world’s largest urban forest. Trees make a very important contribution towards ecological diversity and play a big role by reducing air pollution and keeping temperatures down when its warm. And who doesn’t like to spend some time, for example during lunch breaks, in a beautiful park on a sunny day surrounded by trees?

London Tree Week 2017

London Tree Week is co-ordinated by the Greater London Authority and celebrates London’s trees and woodlands. Tree Week runs from Saturday 27 May until Sunday 4 June 2017 with over 60 events happening across London. There are loads of ways you and your colleagues can take part. It’s half term too, the perfect time to get the kids outside to enjoy nature.

For more information on London Tree Week please follow this link.

Trees and parks in Westminster 

There are over 9000 trees in Westminster alone. These trees whether in parks, open spaces, in private gardens or on the streets, make a significant contribution to London’s reputation as one of the worlds greenest cities. These trees don’t just provide for places to relax around, they also play a vital role in tackling air pollution in Westminster.

The City Council looks after a large number of parks and gardens in Westminster. Whether you’re a resident, work in Westminster or are a visitor, the dedicated Parks Service website will allow you to get the most out of the many beautiful green spaces in the city.

Recycling protects trees and woodlands 

The use of paper for printing newspapers and documents is declining however the use of cardboard is increasing rapidly. This means that unless we recycle more paper, more trees will be used to produce cardboard. You can help protect trees and woodlands by ensuring your paper and cardboard gets recycled. This reduces the demand for virgin paper made from trees. We offer a convenient paper and cardboard recycling service that sends it to a mill in Kent that produces new cardboard. Find out more on this service on this page.