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Businesses across London’s West End have come together to improve air quality and make vast savings on waste collections

Join 83 other West End based businesses. Sign up to the Heart of London Business Alliance’s clean air initiative and waste consolidation scheme

The Heart of London Business Alliance, who serve as a voice for 500 businesses and 100 property owners in the Piccadilly, St James’s and Leicester Square areas, are helping businesses to collectively strive for clean air in London’s West End. These schemes are also helping businesses save a huge amount of money. In just 6 months since the scheme was launched, businesses have collectively saved over £19,000.

We have recently launched a private Heart of London business improvement district area on our website. If you’re in the Heart of London area, you can sign up to the area to get access to exclusive resources and apply for discounts. Find out more:

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Heart of London preferred waste supplier

Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services has been chosen as one of the preferred waste suppliers for the Heart of London waste consolidation scheme. They suggested that the decision was an easy one after they assessed our quality and transparency of waste management services. One of the major factors in choosing us as a preferred supplier, however, was our ability to reduce vehicle movement in Westminster.

Jarno Stet, Waste and Recycling manager of Westminster City Council: “Westminster City Council and Veolia are delighted to be working with Heart of London, sharing the common aims of improving the public realm, reducing waste vehicle movements and their associated air emissions, whilst at the same time enhancing recycling levels through high-quality recycling service provision.”

As a local authority, we already collect waste and recycling from every street in Westminster, so by collecting all of the waste for one street, we can drastically minimise vehicle movements. According to Heart of London, since January 2018 there has been a reduction of an estimated 2,886 waste vehicle movements as a result of local businesses choosing Westminster City Council alone as a preferred supplier.

Ros Morgan, CEO of Heart of London Business Alliance said: “From the implementation of the congestion charge to Sadiq Khan’s campaign in 2017, air quality in London has been one of the most important topics on the agenda in recent times. In London’s West End, due to the vast amount of restaurants, cinemas and theatres, pollution levels had reached a critical point and thus residents and businesses, with our help, have decided to take action. By streamlining the waste removal service into two departments, there has been a resounding reduction in vehicles across London’s West End and thus a process that creates a progressive solution for the challenges of the future.”

Good to Go coffee cup recycling scheme

In March 2018 we joined forces with Veolia and Heart of London to launch the ‘Good to Go’ project. The objective of the scheme is to help on-the-go coffee drinkers to recycle their coffee cups more easily by offering them designated recycling solutions. We will soon be launching the Good to Go coffee cup recycling scheme to help businesses recycle their own coffee cups in a much easier way.

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clean air

Supporting Clean Air Day 2018

On the 21st of June, we celebrated national Clean Air Day and to support it all year round, Westminster City Council and Heart of London are encouraging you to plan events that can reduce air pollution.

What is Heart of London doing for Clean air Day 2018?

Heart of London is always actively planning to make London’s West End more sustainable. Today they will be hosting a dedicated sustainability event which will see Ted Talk regular, the futurist Martin Wright discuss the future of sustainability in the Heart of London area. He will be joined by Lord Hayward and Jane Wakiwaka from The Crown Estate and Daily Telegraph environmental commentator Hazel Southam.

The event will provide practical information that businesses can take away to improve long-term productivity and cost efficiency. The event will be attended by business leaders from across Leicester Square, St James’s and Piccadilly.

Don’t forget, if you’re part of the Heart of London Business Improvement District you can register for our member’s area below:

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