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Westminster City Council

Come and stop by at the Westminster Business Event

Westminster is a city of unrivalled opportunity. A place where businesses and residents have the support they need to grow and share in the prosperity of the city. However, living costs are rising, air quality is challenging and affecting everyone who lives, works and visits here. We want businesses to put responsible business practices at the heart of what they do to ensure they meet changing expectations and thrive responsibly.

The Business & Enterprise Team (Westminster Business Unit) at Westminster City Council are hosting an event on Thursday 5th July 2018 where Commercial Waste Services will be present. Come a stop by at the Westminster Reference Library at Leicester Square to say hello and talk to us about how we can help you with managing your business’ waste responsibly.

For more information please see this page.

We as your local authority are striving to ensure that the Westminster Business Community will remain sustainable and continue to thrive within an ever increasing economically challenging environment