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Top 10 ‘musts’ of commercial waste services for facilities managers

Our brand new guide has been produced around waste services for facilities managers (FM).

There are many waste management providers operating in London, but will they handle your waste the way it should be handled or will they take short cuts? A commercial waste provider must have a range of skills in order to be successful at their job. Included in our brand new guide, is a top 10 ‘must haves’ of commercial waste services for facilities and estate management providers. Be sure to check that your commercial waste provider ticks all of these boxes.

The Top 10 musts for facilities managers

  1. Single supplier – all waste types
    Most facilities managers cover multiple clients, some of whom have multiple sites. We make things easy by offering a single contract to cover multiple sites and clients for all waste types.
  2. Single point of contact
    A bonus that comes with having a single contract is that there is a single point of contact. We like to simplify processes as much as possible by giving our clients one person to help with day-to-day operations and reporting. Face to face rather than call-centres and emails.
  3. Lots of options for waste storage, reduction and compaction
    We appreciate that no single job is the same; therefore we’ve tailored our services uniquely to our client’s needs. No matter the size or logistical complexity of a job, we have an appropriate service to help.
  4. Collections that suit your clients
    Keeping a 24-hour city clean is a 24-hour job. We schedule our collection times around the operations of our clients and your site’s constraints. As such, we are always on hand to assist you by ensuring waste management is never an issue. Our services even run on bank holidays including Christmas Day and New Years Day.
  5. On-site help
    A key factor in promoting correct waste removal and recycling in educating people. We offer practical help on the site to aid performance and minimise problems, from stickers and posters to internal bins and audits.
  6. Ensuring legal compliance 
    We will ensure you always comply with all waste management legislation and requirements. As ambassadors for the Right Waste, Right Place campaign we are well placed to keep up with new and upcoming changes.
  7. Performance information at both summary and detail level
    We can provide you with management and performance information at a client or waste stream specific and general overview level.
  8. Consulting approach – we can advice on how to improve your performance and on best practice, keeping expenditure down. 
    We pride ourselves on the fact that we go further than just taking the order and sending a collection vehicle. We work alongside our clients on an on-going basis to improve services and performance as well as reduce costs.
  9. Transparency through to clients – you want to know how many of what waste was taken away and where it went.
    Keeping our clients well informed on what we do with their waste is a priority for us.
  10. Meet your corporate goals backed up by fully audited and accredited processes.
    We will work with our customers to achieve corporate goals like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), business audits, ISO accreditation etc. Our services are fully accredited and audited for your peace of mind. The consequences of mismanaging waste can be severe. Our services provide a highly compliant reliable option for you and your clients, ensuring you minimise risk.

For more information on Commercial Waste Services for facilities managers, click below to download the full guide

facilities management waste guide