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Guest Blog | The complete guide on how to open a bar

Considering opening a bar in Westminster? 

Point of Sale (EPOS) supplier, Nobly, has written a well-researched, complete guide on how to open a bar. So we thought we would share that with our many bar, hotel and restaurant clients and any readers researching opportunities for running a bar in Westminster. 

Here is a link to their guide and a summary of what you will find:

opening a bar in WestminsterRead: How to open a bar: the complete 2018 handbook

From concocting a brilliant bar concept to finding the perfect location, from marketing your grand opening to running the tightest of ships once you’ve cut the ribbon, this guide to opening a bar has it all. It gives you the views and opinions of the experts who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

This guide talks you through every aspect of starting a bar from the ground up — no matter whether you’re looking to start a ritzy cocktail bar or a super-casual sports joint. Get the low-down on starting up a bar from scratch, or learn how to take over an already-successful bar and put a rocket booster under it, taking it to the next level.

This will take you through what you need to start, design and fit out your bar, and where to set up your bar. Legal requirements are always difficult to get your head around, and this guide has advice from the people who’ve made that journey already. It goes through what equipment every bar needs to really succeed, and the booze you need to hand. It talks you through using tech to make better drinks and run your new bar more smoothly. There’s advice on how to attract people to your grand opening and how to run your bar as efficiently as possible once you’re open.

The Nobly Blog



Would you also like our short guide on waste management services in the hospitality sector?

The provides you with a brief outline as to why Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services is your number one choice for bar, cafe, club or restaurant waste collections. The guide includes:

  • What materials we collect
  • Different methods of storing the waste
  • The collection times on your street
  • The laws behind waste management for restaurants and bars
  • How we help you comply with the law

No matter the size of your outlet, the information within this guide remains the same and will provide some insight into waste management within your sector.

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