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Westminster City Council

Construction & demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste, sometimes known as builders waste, is by far the largest waste stream generated in London. It can contain bricks, slabs, concrete, plaster (gypsum), plasterboard, insulation, excavation materials, soil, sand, wood, etc.

Don’t put builders waste out with your regular rubbish or recycling. It damages our collection vehicles and equipment at the waste management facility. We will fine you if you present it for the regular collections. Builders waste requires specialist handling.

If you need construction and demolition waste collected then please fill in this form to arrange this directly with Veolia.

If you need somewhere to drop builders waste off yourself then please speak to Cory Energy, who manage the  Smugglers Way and Cringle Dock waste transfer stations which are close to Westminster. For information, charges and registration you can contact them on 020 8871 3924.