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Decluttering at work – 8 quick tips to help

Decluttering is all the rage at the moment and there are TV programmes galore telling us how to get rid of waste and reduce the amount we hoard. They do all seem to be about tackling clutter at home though. So, if you are decluttering at work, we can help in part with our 8 quick tips for reducing waste guide. We have written the guide for busy office managers who carry the responsibility for collecting waste in their organisation and keeping the clutter down. A key premise is to advise on reducing the volume of waste generated. By doing that you will be minimising the cost of waste collection for your organisation.

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste service may not have the same visibility as ‘Clean House’, ‘Get your house in order’ or ‘The Life Laundry’ but we do want to make sure that the management of business waste never becomes an issue in your office. If your role at work includes reducing waste and waste collection, then download the guide 8 Quick tips for working together to reduce waste, save time, money and the environment.

What does the guide contain?

decluttering at workThe guide looks at some of the key issues around waste creation and offers a suggestion for tackling each of the issues. The guide also covers how to avoid unnecessary fines for putting waste out at the wrong time. 

An example of decluttering at work would be to look at the amount of mail received at work that is thrown away without even being opened. That is costing you both in terms of wasted time to process it and wasted cost to have it disposed of. This is without analysing the wider environmental impact.

The guide also looks how your business waste collection supplier can pick up a range of of wastes promptly and reliably.

Declutter without involving landfill.

Do consider the environment when you are getting all of the clutter taken away. Your business waste collector should be going that extra mile to eliminate waste going to landfill.  Ask them if everything they pick up from you goes for recycling.

Declutter by getting rid of bulky items.

If part of your decluttering at work initiative is to get rid of some old bulky items that haven’t been used for years, then visit our website page on Bulky Waste.

To get hold of the guide, please click on the link below.

Click here to get our Guide on Waste Reduction