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Westminster City Council

Electrifying the fleet

Monday 2nd September 2019 was a special day since we launched the UK’s first fully-electric collection truck. Fully electric trucks are in their infancy at present, both commercially and technologically, and we could not wait for this technology to reach maturity before deploying it. Through our partnership with Veolia, we built our own vehicle using an existing collection truck which we fully rebuilt and converted to electric operation. This truck will be the first of many collecting waste and recycling in Westminster. We generate the electricity which powers these trucks ourselves, using the general waste collected by us as fuel. This solution provides a unique local closed-loop waste management solution where what is discarded by Westminster’s residents and businesses is turned into low carbon energy for the very trucks that collect it.

The City Council operates the largest waste management fleet in London and has worked hard to ensure we are leaders in our industry  when working to find innovative ways we can reduce traffic emissions. On the 8th April 2019 Transport for London introduced the Ultra-Low Emission Zone with the intention of improving poor air quality in Westminster – which, at 65%, is mostly caused as a result of traffic exhaust emissions. To beat the ULEZ standards, on October 2018 we introduced retrofitted low emissions collection trucks using bespoke Eminox tailpipe filters. This technology allowed us to beat Euro 6 emission standards and perform better than comparable trucks using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or bio-diesel. 

To help improve air quality for our residents, schools, visitors and commuters, Westminster City Council created several Low Emission Neighbourhoods (LEN) as part of its Air Quality Manifesto. These neighbourhoods have seen a number of improvements made to improve the air quality for residents, visitors, commuters and local businesses. See here for the legacy of Westminster’s first LEN in Marylebone.

Your business can make a difference immediately

Many Westminster businesses have discovered the superior environmental benefits of using the City Council’s business waste collection service. Collections made by other private waste companies merely duplicate the number of vehicles on our streets as City Council vehicles already operate on the streets of Westminster 24 hours a day by legal default. By using a private waste contractor to collect your business waste you will be adding extra  vehicles onto your street that otherwise would not need to be there, and as a result, adding a completely unnecessary burden on the environment by increasing congestion and pollution without adding genuine value. Ensuring your commercial waste is collected by us, immediately cuts down on these duplicate vehicle movements and inefficiency by as much as 80% a day. To see how we work with businesses on tackling inefficient commercial waste collection movements please see this case study

Start making a difference by booking a free of charge no obligation waste audit to find out the true potential of managing your business waste better.

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