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Extended commercial waste disposal partnership to keep your bills low

Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service is pleased to announce that its long running commercial waste disposal partnership with Veolia to recycle and treat your rubbish has been renewed.

Collecting rubbish is just part of the picture, the other part, which happens mostly behind the scenes, is the actual recycling and treatment of whatever is collected by our trucks.

Our current treatment contract comes to an end in September 2017 and following a complex and intense tendering exercise, Veolia has secured a new 15 years contract to recycle and treat the rubbish collected in Westminster.

Securing long term competitive rates

This is great news for Westminster businesses and organisations. Due to economies of scale and local working arrangements, Westminster has managed to secure very competitive long term rates for recycling and treating your rubbish. This has a positive impact on the price you pay to have your rubbish taken away by us. The icing on the cake is the improved environmental performance of the new arrangements. Though the Commercial Waste Service you have access to the lowest cost commercial collection service with the greenest credentials.

More recycling services to suit

All the recycling services offered by us will get a big boost from the new treatment contract. There will be more recycling services than ever suited to what your business wants. We will also improve the quality of the recyclable materials we collect from you by adding in additional services.

Of course all of this will be implemented without any impact on your current collection arrangements.

Making energy from rubbish

There will always be a portion of your rubbish left which can’t or shouldn’t be recycled. We will build on past successes of recovering energy from general waste at SELCHP. As part of this commercial waste disposal agreement, general waste collected by Westminster will continue to be treated locally so your rubbish will help generate electricity as well as low carbon heat for local homes. This type of set up is unique for the UK and allows for big carbon dioxide reductions.

A new treatment option for food waste will ensure that we recover even more energy and fertiliser from this resource compared to previous arrangements.

Take advantage right now

Remain at the forefront by having the rubbish from your business collected by Westminster. Let us help you keep you waste bills down through cost effective locally provided and environmentally friendly treatment options which produce resources, energy, fertilisers and jobs for London homes and businesses.

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