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Specialist guide for Facilities Managers on waste management

A brand new guide has been produced around waste management for Facilities Managers (FM). This guide was specifically requested by some of the many FMs operating in Westminster.

We know that managing a property portfolio providing a range of services to tenants, (internal) clients and building users is challenging and demanding. The management of any waste and recycling produced by your site(s) shouldn’t be. Westminster provides fully integrated high quality environmentally friendly solutions for every waste type imaginable, suited to the needs of your site ensuring it remains out of sight. 

This guide recognises the challenges which Facilities Managers face on a day-to-day basis. Our guide puts together all the waste management information that facilities management professionals may need – all in one place.

There are four sections of the waste management guide:

Section 1: Helping you help your clients with waste and recycling

There are many waste management companies operating in London, but will they handle your waste the way it should be handled or will they take short cuts? Westminster’s collection service offers a fully auditable trail of where your waste has been taken to and how it was treated. We can provide you with detailed performance reporting, management information and audit trials. Your internal clients and tenants will know that you have the situation under control when you work with Westminster.

Section 2: Partnering to meet responsibilities

Complex waste and environmental legislation can pose real challenges. We can take the hassle out of complying with environmental legislation for you. In addition, helping you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals or audit and quality certifications (ISO) is in our second nature.

Section 3: The practical considerations of storing and collecting waste

This section contains the many options available in terms of waste containers, equipment and storage as well as information on specialist waste and recycling services. Let us help you ensuring your waste won’t become someone else’s nuisance. 

Section 4: Why Choose Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service?

For a busy facilities or site manager like you it’s important that your waste gets collected without fail and remains out of sight. Of course all of this within the budget you have set for this. We operate the collection service in true partnership with your organisation and going the extra mile is what we do best. 

Let us help you improve the recycling and environmental performance of your sites; properly, quickly and easily.

And finally…

Westminster sends none of your waste to landfill or exports this abroad as RDF. Check out the handy infographic on where what goes. Westminster only uses the best local high performing methods of waste disposal and recycling. This will help you ensuring your sites comply with the requirements placed on you by waste and environmental legislation. 

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