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Getting rid of junk mail

Getting rid of junk mail will reduce waste, save time, money and the environment.

Our commitment to commercial waste goes beyond collecting and disposing of unwanted waste. We prefer to work with our customers to help reduce the amount of waste created in the first place. Helping stop junk mail is one of many approaches that we undertake to assist our customers in managing and even reducing their waste, saving them time and money and helping the environment for us all.

Reduce the amount of unaddressed junk mail you receive.

As well as all of your essential mail, The Royal Mail also delivers addressed and unaddressed junk mail for a range of companies large and small. You can opt out of this service for a period of 2 years, after which the service will resume unless you reapply. To do so you can download, print and fill out their simple opt-out form.

If you want to avoid printing and posting, you can alternatively email your name and address to d2d_enquiries@royalmail.com directly. Once received by The Royal Mail, you should stop receiving unaddressed mail within 6 weeks.

Other tips for reducing waste.

If you found this tip helpful, then why not download a copy of our 8 Quick tips for working together to reduce waste, save time, money and the environment for more helpful hints and tips on reducing waste.

Please do also take a look at our range of tailored services that ensure you have the very best and most efficient waste collection and waste reduction processes.

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