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Infographic: rubbish and recycling in Westminster – Where does it go?

When you take out your red waste bag for collection, or put a glass jar into the recycling bin, do you ever wonder where it goes and why?

You may have seen information stating that everything gets used for a specific purpose. But what exactly does this look like?

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To answer that question, the Commercial Waste Team in Westminster opened up our sketchpads and created an Infographic. The Infographic illustrates the journey that all the rubbish and recycling we collect goes through.

Let’s take a look in detail.

There are three streams that each begin with how your rubbish and recycling in London is collected.

  1. General Waste. This is the non-recyclable rubbish that you place in red bags or black bins. You’ll see that this goes off to our Energy Recovery Facility where it’s combusted to produce electricity and heat. Any leftover residue is used for road construction.
  1. Mixed Recycling. Collected in blue bags and blue bins, this starts when we collect recyclable materials that are all mixed up in one container. In this instance, a Materials Recovery Facility is the first destination to separate out the different types of waste. Four separate technologies are used in the separation process, and each type of recycling goes off to manufacturers for production processes.
  1. Separated Recycling. In this last instance, we pick up recycling that has already been separated. This process involves collecting each waste type in transfer stations to be taken to glass factories, paper mills and (for food waste) anaerobic digestion facilities.

We’d encourage you to print out a copy of this Infographic and display it in your workplace. It should assure your colleagues that the rubbish and recycling they dispose of, still has a positive use.

You can download either an A4 or an A3 version from our Infographic web page, here.

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If you don’t already use Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste service, then you can request a call back or request a quote for regular rubbish and recycling collections.

You’ll be doing that knowing that everything you dispose of has a purpose – be it creating energy, or finding new use through the ‘re-manufacture’ process.