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Trooping the Colour 2017 – Celebrating the Queens Official Birthday

On Saturday, June 17th at Horse Guards Parade in Westminster, thousands of people will gather to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Events are set to begin at 10:00, finished with a flyover from the RAF at 15:00.

The History of Trooping the Colour

The ceremony is thought to have first been conducted in 1748 and since 1760 it has been conducted annually. During the 1700’s they used ‘colours’ which were bright coloured flags as rallying points, this meant they were still visible amongst the poor visibility within battle.

You may be wondering – isn’t the Queen’s birthday in April?

Yes, it is, but the Queen has two birthdays. When the tradition was first formed in 1978 King George reigned, whose birthday fell in November. He felt that the weather in November wasn’t fit for a parade. Therefore, he combined his birthday celebrations with the existing parade ‘Trooping the Colour’.

Where do Commercial Waste Services fit in with the event?

With thousands of people gathering to experience the ceremony, there will be huge amounts of rubbish that needs to be disposed of. Westminster City Council are experts in cleaning up after events in London. Our extensive and flexible resources ensure that we can provide additional waste collections and street cleansing to ensure that the rubbish generated from events is disposed of effectively.

As well as the waste generated on the streets of Westminster throughout the celebrations, hotels and restaurants in Westminster will also see increased numbers of customers. This means that the team at Westminster Commercial Waste will be carrying out additional collections for some of our clients.

Central London Events

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service team have already been cleaning up after events this year, such as the various events in Hyde Park such as British Summer Time. If you require experts to clean up after an event you’re planning then get in contact with us using the buttons below.

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