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Collecting 100kg of food waste for composting after the famous celebration of La Tomatina

Originating in Bunol, Spain, the famous tomato-throwing riot, La Tomatina, is celebrated by hundreds every August. In recent years, the festival has made its way over to the UK and on Saturday 25th August, the celebrations will shape up on the streets of Westminster.

la tomatina

Here’s how the day will take shape

Aqua nueva, the Westminster-based Spanish Restaurant, will be bringing this refined yet authentic Tomatina experience to adventurous guests. Festivities will begin in the restaurant where guests will enjoy a cocktail and a carefully selected tomato-based menu.

Following lunch, guests will be invited to make their way to nearby ‘Downstairs at Carousel’ in Marylebone for the main event.

When the guests arrive they will be greeted with large buckets of ‘ugly’ tomatoes surrounding the fighting area. This is where the participants will prepare to get messy. Luckily, they each receive a special aqua nueva x Ketel One poncho to wear for the duration of the tomato-fuelled tussle.

How can you get involved in the celebrations?

Tickets for the event are £49 and include a welcome cocktail, lunch at aqua nueva and a Bloody Mary at Downstairs at Carousel. They are available to purchase here. The event begins at 12:30 midday, with the masterclass and fight taking place at 14:00.

Please note: this event is age restricted and guests must be 18 or older to buy tickets and attend the event.

Westminster City Council’s Commerical Waste Services role – clearing up the 100kg of tomatoes left behind

Working with our long-term and trusted partner, Veolia, we will be making sure that all of the waste from the tomatoes used in the fight gets collected by our team. Once collected, the waste will be taken for reprocessing at an anaerobic digestion plant, where the waste is used to both power up the National Grid and also provide fertiliser used on local farms.

Take a look at how one of Veolia’s anaerobic digestion facilities work…

Our food waste collection service offers a fully closed-loop process, which ensures that all of the food waste collected is put to good use.

You can find out more about disposing of food waste in Westminster in our short guide, get your copy by clicking below.

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