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UK Coffee Week – the nations largest celebration of coffee, all for a good cause

Happy UK Coffee week!

You’ve just walked out of your local coffee shop and are heading underground ready to face your morning commute. After battling the crowds walking back and fourth on the platform you’ve finally reached your stop and are heading to the office, now holding an empty coffee cup.

Where do you dispose of your coffee cup?

A) In a general waste litter bin. (We would never throw it on the floor!)

B) In your general waste bin at work.

C) In a dedicated coffee cup recycling bin

If your answer to the above question was either A or B please continue reading…

Did you know 84% of hot drink buyers are still using disposable coffee cups?! And 88% of the nation have said they would use a purpose built coffee cup bin if one was available to them.

This is why Westminster has launched the ‘Good-to-Go’ Recycling scheme, giving commuters the option to recycle their coffee cups on the go with designated bins in Piccadilly and Leicester Square.

However, if you don’t pass these areas on your way into work all is not lost. Westminster’s Commercial Waste Services also offer a bespoke coffee cup collection service to their customers. Simply empty your coffee cup and dispose of it in your office coffee cup bin and we’ll come and collect! You can find out more about our coffee cup recycling scheme by clicking the button below.

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