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Take The Great British Spring Clean into your workplace

The Great British Spring Clean is a campaign to bring people from across the country to clear up the litter in our towns, villages, countryside and coastline. The initiative started in 2015 when enthusiastic individual Melissa Murdoch had an idea to get people together to clear up rubbish that surrounds us. The campaign is aiming to inspire 500,000 people to join in, up from 250,000 last years’ total volunteers. This nationwide project will be held this year from March 3rd – 5th, with events scheduled to take place across the length and breadth of the UK.

Spring-cleaning is not just reserved for the streets of Britain. If you find your office is brimming with unused items, your backroom is becoming too cluttered or your storage room bursting at the seams, an office spring clean may be due. Removing objects that are no longer in use creates a better working environment, increasing employee productivity and efficiency. Decluttering a workplace and can also save on floor space, which can save money for an organisation in the long run.

Different types of waste collection for your office spring clean

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service has extensive experience in doing office and business clear outs – from small jobs removing a couple of chairs to large office refurbishment projects involving thousands of work units. A single, small combustible item such as a chair, crate, pallet etc. can be collected via the general rubbish collection service, provided a whole cardboard sticker is attached to the item or it is placed in a general waste bin. For larger and bigger volumes please contact us.

Bulky Waste

For larger pieces of office furniture, it’s possible to book a bulky waste collection. Our bulky waste collections are competitively priced, picked up within eight working days and if not possible to be re-used, items are recycled to a high environmental standard. Electrical items, such as computers or lamps, must be collected via a bulky waste collection.

Hazardous Waste

Acids, chemicals, oil, oil filters and liquid paint are all classified as hazardous waste and should not be disposed of with your general waste or (mixed) recycling. Please contact the London hazardous waste collection service for more information. 


All items that we collect via bulky waste will be reused, recycled or recovered whenever possible.  Click here to find out more on how Westminster City Council can help.

We can also help via the dedicated recycling stickers and posters. They are available to all our customers and you can order them on the website. Just click on the image below to order your stickers.

westminster recycling stickers

Anyone can download and print out our posters for all of the different waste and recycling types. Get one or more by clicking on the button below.

Click here to download one or more posters

General Waste

Around half of your business’ waste cannot be recycled. Our waste is not sent to landfill; instead it is used to generate green power at the SELCHP energy recovery facility in Deptford. If you want to know more on general waste please read through this information.


If your office spring clean requires documents, media, data and alike to be destroyed then we can supply this service via our trusted long-term partner, Veolia. Please read here for further information.

No matter the size of the job – we can help

Whether you need extra bags or a whole truck: we can help. Our services run 24/7, even on bank holidays including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If you have an office spring clean and have a lot of bags of regular waste and recycling, or perhaps many cardboard boxes, just leave it out at the scheduled collection times. Large volumes of waste are never an issue for our crews. If you have a bin and require some extra pick ups, just contact us. We can arrange this even at very short notice.