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Office waste disposal in Westminster

Westminster is home to a wealth of offices, from small, independent businesses, to global head offices. There are over 45,000 enterprises located in Westminster, with a large number of these operating out of offices, this is over 20,000 more than any other borough in London. With this in mind, it’s inevitable that offices in Westminster produce more waste than that of any other borough, it’s crucial that you are managing your waste in the most sustainable way possible for the benefit of the environment.

It’s important to ensure your offices have frequent, reliable waste and recycling collections in order to maintain a safe and clean office environment. If you regularly have clients visiting your premises then it might be even more important to ensure your premises is looking in tip-top condition. It might not always be possible to achieve all of this without effective office waste solutions in place. This is where a reliable commercial waste partner that can provide a range of services, cost-effectively, all year round, could help your business start managing waste the right waste.

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The most popular types of office waste

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What are the benefits of using our waste management services in Westminster?

types of office waste


Local authorities are exempt from charging VAT on commercial waste collections. As a result, this will help your offices cash flow by not having to pay VAT that other waste operators charge. 

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Order waste bags online 

We have made ordering waste bags easier than ever before. You simply create an account on our online portal, from here you will have access to pre-order waste bags 24/7. Get started with your online portal.

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Coffee cup recycling

52% of those who purchase a take away cup dispose of them in their workplace. This means companies and offices need to adapt to ensure they’re being as green as possible. Our coffee cup recycling service offers a sustainable way to get rid of waste. Find out more.

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Deep cleaning service

If you have potential customers visiting your office then you will want to make a good impression. This counts for the outside of your office as well as the inside.  Our deep cleaning service allows you to keep the roads and pathways outside of your office looking in pristine condition.

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Bulky waste collections

If you require a one-off collection for items that can’t be picked up as part of your standard collections then we can supply bulky waste services. This includes bulky items such as electrical equipment, furniture and hazardous waste which may need collecting on an ad-hoc basis.  

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Waste Audit

A waste management audit will allow one of our office waste experts to clearly identify the services that would benefit you. They will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with valuable insight into how you can improve your waste management. Book your waste audit.

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Talk to our office waste experts

Talk to our office waste management experts, they have decades of experience in helping your business achieve an environmentally friendly waste disposal service.

Our experts can provide you with valuable insights into how you can improve your current waste management practices, or offer you advice on services that may improve what you currently have in place.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your office venue improve its waste management.



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Commercial waste guide for offices in Westminster

office waste

This short guide covering commercial waste in the office sector outlines why Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services is your number one choice for office waste collections. The guide includes:

  • Tips on how to handle your office waste correctly 
  • How we help you comply with the law

There are also some benefits of using Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services that aren’t included in the guide. Since we are a local authority, we do not charge any VAT, this means our prices are 20% cheaper than private waste operators.

Not only this, but we put all of the waste we collect to good use. Our recyclables are sent to a local material recovery facility and our general waste is used to generate heat for local homes and businesses. The ash from the combusted general waste is even used on building projects. No matter the size of your office, the information within this guide remains the same and will provide some insight into waste management within offices.


Westminster City Council

8 tips on how to reduce waste in the office

This guide provides you with quick tips on how to reduce waste. There are particular subjects of interest to offices within the guide such as reducing paper waste and sending no waste to landfill. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of waste created in your office then this guide will help. The guide includes:

  • Stopping potential waste from being produced in the first place
  • Finding someone who can use things you no longer need
  • Tips on how to reduce paper waste in the office
  • Separating recyclable material from general waste
  • Avoiding fines by placing bags out at the wrong time or having it packaged incorrectly.
  • Sending all waste for recycling and zero to landfill

Not only will this guide help you reduce waste. It will help you reduce the time spent on managing your waste, the money spent on disposing of the waste and the negative impacts it may have on the environment.


reducing waste in retail store operations

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8 tips for choosing a new commercial waste partner

waste management in retail stores

If you’re looking for a new commercial waste partner to dispose of your office waste then this guide will be useful to you. It covers some important questions that you should be asking your potential new operator and how to identify a good choice from their responses. The guide includes:

  • Assessing reliability of a waste operator
  • Looking into costs and value for money
  • Avoiding lengthy contracts
  • Analysing their range of collections – do they offer everything your venue needs?

There are also aspects of this guide which are regularly forgotten, such as your businesses duty of care towards the environment and the support your waste partner can provide.


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What do our customers think?

We are a busy solicitors’ firm in the heart of Mayfair and it’s vital that the office and surrounding area looks clean and presentable to our clients. Westminster Commercial Waste Service has consistently lived up to this expectation. It takes away the hassle of everyday waste disposal. We couldn’t fault it!

Charles Douglas Solicitors

The best thing is the daily collections from our doorstep

Executive Search Company
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Putting your rubbish bags out correctly in Westminster

For us, it’s vital that there’s as little rubbish as possible on the streets of Westminster. Unlike other businesses in Westminster, offices often don’t have internal waste and recycling bins and therefore use bagged collections. To avoid streets having an excessive amount of waste and recycling bags on them, there are some rules in place which prevent this from happening.

1. Place your bags out at the right time

For offices who are placing rubbish bags and card bundles on the streets for collection, there are set times in place for this (these set times apply for household and business waste, irrespective of who will collect them. If you don’t know the collection time for your street, you can find the times for every street in Westminster via this link. 

It is important you only place out your rubbish bags 30 minutes prior to the start of the collection time. You can’t place rubbish bags on the street outside of collection times under any circumstance.

2. Your bags must be in the right place

You must place your rubbish bags outside of your own office, or as close to it’s building the line as possible. There are some types of waste that are not permitted to be placed on the street for collection. To find out more about this, click here.

3. Your rubbish must be in the right bag

If our collection crew notice that rubbish is not being placed in the correct bag, it can be left behind – you are completely responsible for ensuring your rubbish is in the right bag. Find out more about presenting your rubbish in the right bag.

4. Bags must be closed and tied up, with no leaks

The downside of using rubbish bags is that they come with a risk of leaking if they are not correctly tied up. This can cause staining and unsanitary patches on the street. You must ensure your rubbish bags don’t leak. See these tips on how to do this.

5. What happens if your rubbish is not presented correctly?

When rubbish is found out at the wrong time or placed in the incorrect bag, our enforcement officers will issue a fine or take prosecution action

The Commercial Waste service doesn’t look after the enforcement of waste rules and laws. This is done through the Street Management service who can issue fines (FPNs) and notices when rubbish is mismanaged (fly-tipping). This service operates on a 24/7 basis and is happy to assist you with any enforcement related questions. Find out more about what they do via this link.

Find out more about presenting rubbish bags in Westminster

waste in the office

how to reduce waste in the office

office waste paper bins

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Is it possible to become a 'zero waste' office?

‘Zero waste’ has recently become a widely recognised term and has been adopted by waste operators across the country. Although you might expect ‘zero waste’ to refer to no waste being produced at all (this would be impossible), the actual definition refers to not sending any waste to landfill sites. By using Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services for your office, you will always be achieving ‘zero waste’.

Although we will always encourage you to reduce the amount of waste you are producing in the first place, we understand that waste is inevitable and you will, at some point, require disposal of this. In this instance, it’s your responsibility to ensure that none of the waste produced in your office is sent to landfill. Here at Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services, we ensure that none of our waste gets sent to landfill. All of the recyclable materials we collect are sent to a local materials recovery facility where the materials are separated and prepared for manufacturing use. The leftover (general) waste from this is combusted at a local heat and power energy recovery facility. From here, the heat generated throughout the combustion process is used to heat London homes and businesses. The process of burning waste does leave a residue, we even make use of this. The ash left behind has been used in projects such as the widening of the M25 and even building the Olympic Stadium. This is something no other waste operator can offer you. If you want to see where all of the waste that we collect goes, download our infographic on this.

To see how the SELCHP energy recovery facility works, watch the short video below.

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Other useful information on office waste management

WRAP’s guide on waste management in office buildings

This guidance document provides practical advice for office managers in reducing and recovering waste during building operations. The guide covers areas such as: measuring and targeting waste reduction; developing a segregation strategy; and the appointment of a waste management company. Read the full guide.


How much carbon is your waste producing?

Find out how much carbon you can save by using Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services. Our calculator shows you how much carbon you can save by just implementing more recycling services into your businesses. Try it now. 

Office recycling tips from the sustainable business toolkit

This article provides 7 top tips for reducing your waste and implementing an effective recycling system that will obliterate your general waste production. There are some tips in this article that could completely change the way your office is managing its waste and make you more sustainable. See how this can help your business.


Waste posters to stick around your office

Our waste management posters are perfect for sticking up around your office or on your internal bins. They provide you with all of the information you need to separate your rubbish properly, making them the perfect poster on waste. Take a look at all of our office waste posters.

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We provide office waste management to the whole of the City of Westminster, see if your store is within our radius below.

Even if you also have branches elsewhere we can assist you with setting up a waste management solution.

We cover the whole of Westminster

You can see a full list of the boroughs that we cover inside Westminster below.

Mayfair – W1J / K1S

Soho – W1D / W1F

Fitzrovia – W1T

Pimlico – SW1V

St James – WC2

Bayswater – W2

Belgravia – SW7 / SW1

Marylebone – NW1 / W1H

Knightsbridge – SW7

Victoria – SW1

Covent Garden – WC2

Paddington – W2