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When Olympic spirit meets recycling spirit

Isn’t it great when people manage to combine a topical piece of fun, with a serious message about recycling?

We really respect the work of the “Every Can Counts” campaign and its ambition to help businesses promote recycling in the workplace.

Cans are an important contributor to business waste, so the Every Can Counts team have come up with an easy-to-play game, called Olympican, that combines the excitement of the 2016 Olympics with the goal of maximising your recycling!

every can counts olympic game prizes recycling in the workplace

You have until Friday, the 26th August to Play and WIN prizes!

You can find the game on Every Can Counts’ Facebook page, where you’ll be asked to sprint along a running track. If that sounds too easy, you’ll also have to jump hurdles and collect as many empty drink cans as possible within the one-minute time limit.

Two Prize Draws

Any player who manages to score 1000 points or more is entered into a prize draw to win a UK-wide prize of £150 of Amazon vouchers.

The second prize (open to anyone across Europe) can be won by first scoring over 2000 points. With that, each person is entered into the second draw with a chance to win a Ricicletta Bicycle. The bike is no ordinary one however, as it’s made of 800 recycled aluminium beverage cans!

Do take a look at this fun and interactive game (during a coffee or lunch break, of course!) for your chance to WINClick here to play now!                        

Game for Sharing

Recycling should be a rewarding experience for all at work, and it’s a great way to improve on your environmental performance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in your workplace. Do share the #OlympiCan game with your family, friends and work colleagues. Add it to your social media channels to remind them of the importance of recycling their cans, whilst also giving them the chance to win some Amazon vouchers or a bicycle!

Pricked your recycling conscience?

If you’ve been meaning to do something to increase recycling in the workplace, or meaning to start recycling collection services, do take a look at our recycling services information and get started right now.

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