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Partner funds available for community recycling projects

Inspiring people and businesses to do the right thing with their waste and protect their local environment

Both Westminster City Council and our recycling and waste management partner, Veolia, are always busy promoting recycling to businesses, organisations and residents alike. As such we’d like to draw your attention to the ‘Recycling fund for Communities’.

Full details can be found at: www.veolia.co.uk/london/recyclingfund and to benefit from the current round of funding you need to apply by 28th February 2018.

veolia community recycling fund

What is the Recycling fund for communities?

The recycling fund was established a year ago by Veolia to inspire people and businesses to do the right thing with their waste. The fund seeks to support grassroots projects looking to inspire people in one of the following ways (or both!):

  • To make more use of recycled, reused or reclaimed materials
  • To protect and preserve resources or enhance local environments

The fund is aimed primarily at local community groups, but the fund also considers projects from businesses that benefit the community in some way. Alternatively, businesses can lend their resources to raising awareness of the fund and supporting local projects seeking to promote a recycling idea to the fund.

So far, Veolia has supported more than twenty projects across London which benefit the local environment and community but there are still funds available, and they can accept applications up until 28 February 2018.

Elsie Grace, the Project Manager for Veolia London, said: “Veolia is working with councils, businesses and communities all over London to help preserve resources and create a more sustainable future. We’ve got up to £50K set aside to support the best projects, and we want people to think about materials and waste, and if they do that, they could get a boost from us. So whether it’s promoting recycling as part of an event, using recycled or reused materials as part of a project or running something like a swap shop that gets the whole community involved in, we are keen to hear about it.”

How much might a successful applicant receive?

Veolia is offering a cash boost of up to £1000 to applicants’ fundraising efforts. But it is not all about money. Some of the projects have received ‘benefit in kind’ resources and even valuable time from staff volunteers where relevant.

We want to support small projects which will make a big difference to help the community increase reuse and recycling. If you think your project could engage your neighbours in their recycling service and inspire them to do the right thing with their waste, we want to hear from you.

Watch the video.

Find out more from the video below and hear from projects which have benefitted from the fund.

Is there an example of a project that has benefited?

Suzy Gregory, Co-Deputy Head of John Ruskin Primary School in Southwark which secured Veolia’s support to develop a wildlife garden at the school, adds: “Through the garden, the children are learning about the environment around them and how we can protect it. They also get to see processes such as composting that take waste materials and turn them into something useful again. Veolia provided vital funding that allowed us to get the garden off the ground and the children are continuing to benefit from it to this day.”

Could you be next to benefit?

What do you need to do next?

  1. Get inspired and upload your project to the spacehive website (see below)
  2. Promote your project, attract support from your local community and pitch it to us by 28 February 2018.
  3. Get funded and see your project come to life!

Where do you apply to the recycling fund?

The applications for the Recycling Fund for Communities are all being managed via community crowdsourcing website, SpaceHive, which allows projects to fundraise from multiple targets and attract support from within the community at the same time.

It’s simple to set up, and you can apply directly to Veolia for funding via www.spacehive.com/movement/veolia.

If you are a business or organisation based in Westminster and like these community projects, you are looking to recycle more, then why not get a quote for one or more of our recycling services.


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