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Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council partners with Anglo Office Group to clean up streets of Westminster

When the Heart of London Business Alliance introduced Anglo Office Group to Westminster City Council and its partner Veolia, it was clear that a shared passion for improving air quality in Westminster meant a working partnership was soon on the cards.

Improving the quality of services for residents, businesses, and visitors to Westminster, while also decreasing emission levels is as important to Anglo Office Group as it is to Westminster City Council — so it made sense for us to explore the best ways we can work together for everyone’s benefit.

Who is Anglo Office Group?

Anglo Office Group is an independent business products and services provider with a track record in reducing the costs of a wide range of office products and services, by managing procurement on behalf of its clients. Their clients include many of the UK’s leading companies, as well as businesses of all sizes across Westminster.

With an open, collaborative approach, the company works with partners to consolidate procurement and rationalise the deliveries necessary for that procurement, offering the biggest selection of products and services for offices in the UK.

Russell Hodson, CSR & Business Services Director for Anglo Office Group, emphasises the importance of working through effective partnerships by highlighting the size of the challenge:

‘We’ve got a serious air quality problem in London and the only way we’re going to make a difference is through collaboration — and true collaboration.’

Putting the Anglo Office Group/Westminster City Council collaboration into practice

Anglo customers can now order Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services waste and recycling bags directly through Anglo themselves. We, Westminster City Council, will then collect the bags when they are put out for collection. Find out more about putting waste bags out correctly in Westminster.

What are the benefits of ordering commercial waste & recycling bags through Anglo?

As previously mentioned, Anglo offers the biggest selection of products for offices in the UK. This means that there’s less need for individual deliveries to be made to a single office, reducing the amount of vehicle movement and emissions in Westminster.

As well as minimising the need for different couriers to deliver office supplies in Westminster, Anglo go a step further by using an entirely electric vehicle fleet.

Anglo’s innovative emission-reducing solutions

Anglo Office Group has seen real success with a number of their initiatives aimed at providing environmental and sustainable services for clients.

Decreasing plastic waste, one glass milk bottle at a time

Another innovative solution found in response to customer demand is Anglo Office Group’s ability to provide milk in glass rather than plastic containers, which has not only resulted in reducing the amount of plastic that is sent for processing, but has also reduced wastage and created a positive financial gain.

‘We’re really interested and so are our clients with closed-loop solutions. The fastest growing one we’ve got at the moment is selling milk in reusable glass bottles — that has gone phenomenally well.’ — Russell Hodson

This is of Anglo Office Group offers that show the value of choosing sustainable options to drive environmental as well as financial savings. All of this helped to convince us that a partnership was worth developing for our mutual benefit.

The FAB3 deal

We have partnered with Anglo and Veolia to encourage separating cardboard waste from mixed recycling.

Cardboard is a fantastic material that can be reused in many ways and after use recycled many times into new cardboard.

To encourage you to separate your cardboard for recycling, we are offering a 10% discount when you order 25 cardboard tape stickers with your rolls of 50 general waste and 50 recycling bags — making all three just £110.00. This price INCLUDES COLLECTIONS.

To take advantage of this offer, please place your order: