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A new solution to recycle harder to treat materials

With plastic high on the public’s agenda, Veolia the UK’s leading resource management company, has launched a flexible new service, Procycle, to recycle those harder to treat materials that won’t leave anyone with a humbug moment. No longer will you need to dip dab your way around sweet wrappers, straws or plastic toys previously deemed unrecyclable, now there is a new solution that allows these materials to be treated and recycled into new products – what a Turkish delight!

These new containers will work through a postback system to a Veolia facility where the contents will be recycled. From there it will be sent to our network of reprocessors in the UK and Europe to be turned into new products such as garden furniture, plant pots or even a replacement for virgin plastic – how refreshing!

We don’t want to let recycling leave a bitter lemon taste in people’s mouths. So now when you are sucking on your rhubarb and custard you can be confident that your wrapper could be recycled. So if you are slurping your smoothie through a straw or just clearing out the house of toys you can know they are being transformed into new products. That’s the sweetest thing!



This new solution is designed to tackle the:

1 billion kilograms of sweets consumed each year
1.4 million tonnes of textiles sent to landfill per annum
4.5 million straws we drink from every year
For those smarties wanting to get this new Procycle solution, it is available to new and existing customers nationwide who would like to increase their recycling rates.