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The locations where your waste or recycling goes

When waste and recycling is collected it’s never usually clear what happens to it after that point. Collecting waste and recycling is only the first part of the journey that it has to go on to finally be recycled.

We are proud to be fully transparent with our customers, which includes openly showing you where your waste actually goes once it’s collected. We dedicate time and effort into ensuring we are choosing the best facility to send materials to, both in terms of the location of the facility and the standard of recycling that it offers.

Westminster City Council

Where does the waste that Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services go?

Unlike other waste collectors who export waste, or travel across the country to dispose of it, almost all of the waste that we collect is disposed of in a facility local to Westminster. This means that as well as not having to travel into London to collect waste since we are already based in Westminster, we rarely have to travel out of London to dispose of the waste and recycling that we collect.

Our waste management fleet uses low emission vehicles and is, therefore, less polluting to our environment. In addition to this, the number of miles that our vehicles drive on the road is reduced by using local facilities to dispose of the materials that we collect, which, in effect helps to minimise harmful emissions.

The Mayor of Londons Environment Strategy:

By managing our waste locally, we are able to meet 2 of the main waste objectives in the Mayor’s strategy:

  • Reducing Associated Emissions
  • Managing London’s waste within London

The map below shows you exactly where each of the waste streams that we collect end up.

Click on the marker or waste stream to find out more about each facility.

An animated infographic on what happens to your waste once it reaches the treatment facility

The infographic helps to demonstrate that all of the waste that we collect goes on to have a further use once it reaches the drop-off facility.

We’d encourage you to print out a copy of this Infographic and display it in your workplace. It should assure your colleagues that the rubbish and recycling they dispose of, still has a positive use.

You can download either an A4 or an A3 version from our Infographic web page, here.

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