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business waste westminster
  • Our costs are among the lowest in the UK, and you don’t pay VAT – up to 20% cheaper than a private waste collector
  • Our experience – we collect 195,000 tonnes of waste a year, enough to fill 24,000 double decker buses
  • Reliability – we are always there, even during special events or Bank Holidays and heavy traffic or bad weather have never stopped our collections
  • We are based in Westminster and don’t travel long distances to collect your glass recycling, minimising vehicle movement.
  • We are flexible. We can help you to tailor recycling services that suit your business requirements.
  • We can supply equipment such as internal bins to help you recycling effectively.
  • We dispose of your recycling locally.
  • Our collection vehicles are low emission or fully electric.
  • business waste westminster

    How does recycling in Westminster work?

    Step 1

    Step 1
    Getting started with bags or bins

    The first step is to choose whether to use bins or pre-paid bags for recycling.

    If you have off-street storage space we strongly recommend you use one of our recycling bins.  They are by far the best way to have your recycling collected. They come in big and small sizes depending on how much recycling you produce. Source segregated glass, paper/cardboard and food waste are normally not suitable to be collected in bags and as such are collected through dedicated bins. Just contact us to set up a collection agreement.

    If you can’t store a recycling bin within your premises then please use the blue bags for mixed recycling. They are sold on a pre-paid basis so you only have to pay for what you actually use. The price of a blue bag pays to have it collected by the truck and for it to be sorted at the recycling facility; safely and to high standards that don’t harm the environment. No contract is required. Simply order the bags online or by phone, fill them with recycling and leave them out for collection at the scheduled time. Please see this link for further information on where the recycling we collect from you goes.

    If you’re unsure as to whether your business should use pre-paid bags or bins, you can book a free of charge, no-obligation waste audit. Our local waste management expert will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with advice on the services you should use.

    Book a waste audit
    Download our bin range guide
    Order recycling bags

    Step 2

    Step 2
    Choosing your recycling services

    We offer a range of recycling services including:

    • Mixed recycling
    • Paper and cardboard
    • Glass recycling
    • Food recycling
    • Coffee cup recycling
    • Other specialist and niche recycling services

    We strongly recommend using segregated recycling services, it’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

    When you identify the services that you require you can get a quote from us to start a collection agreement, or order pre-paid mixed recycling bags. Please note – only certain materials can be placed into mixed recycling bags, find out more here.

    Get a quote
    Order mixed recycling bags

    Step 3

    Step 3
    We collect your recycling

    If you are using blue mixed recycling bags, then you must leave these out at your street’s scheduled time, we will then collect these at no extra cost.

    If you are using bins, then you can decide when your mixed recycling is collected. We can collect bins up to 3 times a day, 365 days a year.

    View collection times
    Get a quote

    Step 4

    Step 4
    Your recycling is recovered locally

    Unlike other waste collectors who export recyclable materials, or travel across the country to dispose of it, almost all of the waste and recycling that we collect is disposed of in a facility local to Westminster. This means that as well as not having to travel into London to collect waste since we are already based in Westminster, we rarely have to travel out of London to dispose of the waste and recycling that we collect.

    To see where we send each type of waste and recycling that we collect, click the button below.

    Recycling locations

    business waste westminster

    Not sure what you need?

    Speak to us about our recycling services, see how we can make your business greener.

    Request a quote

    You can even book a waste audit, where one of our local waste management experts will come to your premises at a date and time that you choose and provide you with expert advice on services you may require.

    Book a waste audit

    get a quote
    business waste westminster

    Only clean non-contaminated materials can be recycled

    Putting the wrong materials into the recycling can cause whole truckloads to be rejected. The most common contaminants found in recycling loads are black bags, food waste, food-soiled packaging, sanitary waste (e.g. paper towels, napkins etc), wood, polystyrene, hazardous waste such as batteries and paint, bulky items and electrical appliances. We can collect this waste as part of general waste or bulky waste collections.

    business waste westminster

    Learn more about recycling in Westminster


    The ultimate guide to real recycling for businesses in Westminster

    Discover how your business can improve how it recycles and manages its waste and become more environmentally sustainable with our recycling guide for Westminster businesses. 

    The guide includes:

    • How to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste
    • Getting started with recycling 
    • Choosing Westminster City Council as your commercial waste collector
    • Disposing of waste during events
    • Recycling special materials
    • Creating and implementing a waste management plan 
    • Segregating waste and tackling contamination
    • Further support for your business 
    Download now
    recycling guide


    What waste goes where?

    With all of the different types of waste and recycling bins in Westminster, it can be hard to know what waste goes where. In this guide, we show you visually where each material belongs. There are also useful links that you can follow to learn more about each waste stream.

    Putting your waste in the correct bin or bag allows for the materials to be recycled much more efficiently. This guide will help you making recycling as easy and straightforward as possible.

    Download now
    where waste goes westminster


    What happens to our rubbish and recycling?

    Download the full infographic that shows you what happens to the waste that Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Collect.

    You will see that everything we collect has another use!

    Download now
    What happens to waste in Westminster


    Waste Audit

    Our waste management audit will allow our expert to identify the services that your business requires. They will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with valuable insight into how you can take you waste management to the next level.

    If you are working towards a sustainability target, the audit is also a great way to begin measuring progress in waste management.

    Book now
    waste audit


    Our waste and recycling posters

    We have a range of posters that you can download and stick around your workplace or on your bins to remind people what waste belongs where. They are the perfect way to ensure that your waste streams are not being contaminated.

    Our posters include:

    • General waste
    • Mixed recycling
    • Glass
    • Paper/cardboard
    • Food
    Download now
    recycling posters
    business waste westminster

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