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Having frequent and reliable waste and recycling collections is essential in order to maintain a safer, cleaner, attractive and more productive store. Not only can effective retail waste management solutions improve a store’s perception and attractiveness, but retailers also benefit from being more environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability at this time appeals to many consumers and prospective customers. It can also save retail operations money since recycling waste is more cost-effective than throwing everything away as general waste. Retailers need a reliable commercial waste collector that can provide a range of services all year-round and is able to accommodate unique operating demands. This is where Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services can help.

westminster commercial waste
  • We have a huge range of waste and recycling services, allowing us to meet every requirement.
  • We provide waste collections 365 days a year including Bank Holidays and the Christmas period.
  • We are flexible. We can help you to tailor waste services that suit your business requirements. We can also provide ad-hoc waste collections when required.
  • We do not charge any VAT, this means our prices are 20% cheaper than private waste operators.
  • We help businesses to achieve environmental awards.
  • We provide specialist services such as deep cleaning (to ensure pavements and areas around your premises look their best) as well as collection services for bulky waste, hazardous waste and other specialist waste types.
  • We are locally based, using treatment facilities close to where the waste is generated, minimising vehicle movements and congestion. In addition, our fleet uses low or zero-emission vehicles.
westminster commercial waste

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retail waste westminster
retail waste
westminster commercial waste

Learn more about retail waste management in Westminster


The ultimate guide to real recycling for businesses in Westminster

Discover how your business can improve how it recycles and manages its waste and become more environmentally sustainable with our recycling guide for Westminster businesses. 

The guide includes:

  • How to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste
  • Getting started with recycling 
  • Choosing Westminster City Council as your commercial waste collector
  • Disposing of waste during events
  • Recycling special materials
  • Creating and implementing a waste management plan 
  • Segregating waste and tackling contamination
  • Further support for your business 

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recycling guide


9 tips for reducing waste

This useful guide presents 9 tips that will not only help you reduce the amount of general waste you’re creating, but it will help you save time, money and the environment.

The guide includes:

  • Stopping potential waste from being produced in the first place
  • Finding solutions for reusing some of the items you no longer need
  • Tips on how to reduce paper waste in the office
  • Separating recyclable material from general waste
  • Avoiding fines by placing bags out on the street at the wrong time or having it handled it incorrectly.
  • Sending zero waste to landfill

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Internal recycling posters

Our waste management posters are perfect for placing around your workplace, providing you with all the information you need to separate your rubbish properly.

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recycling posters


Your guide to commercial waste: retail

This short guide on commercial waste in the retail sector provides you with a brief outline as to why Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services is your number one choice for retail waste collections. The guide includes tips on how to manage and handle your waste correctly, the laws of waste management for restaurants and bars as well as how we can help you comply with these laws.

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retail waste westminster


Congestion and air quality leaflet

Download our leaflet and find out how Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services helps to minimise congestion and poor air quality in Westminster. The leaflet provides you with information on how we have adapted our vehicles and services to help the environment.

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westminster commercial waste


Talk to our retail waste management experts. They have decades of experience in helping businesses such as yours setting up environmentally friendly waste management services.

Our experts can provide you with valuable insights into how you can improve your current waste management practices, or offer you advice on services that may improve what you currently have in place. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help you improve your hospitality waste management.

westminster commercial waste

Areas of operation

Whilst we only offer our services to businesses in Westminster, we can help you to find the best waste services possible if you are not in the area. This means that if you are a chain with multiple locations in London and across the country, we can still help you through our partnership with Veolia.

View all of the sub-districts we work in