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Bulky waste

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What is bulky waste?

Items that are too big for your standard rubbish bag or bin, as well as all electrical items, need specialist handling. Please don’t place them out for the regular waste/recycling collections. Items classed as bulky waste include all large and small electrical equipment, metal items, carpets, mattresses, office furniture, doors, fixtures, window frames and other large items. They are best collected through a bulky waste collection and we can collect items from inside your premises. Whether you are having a clear out, an office refurbishment or are refitting your business’ interior, we can offer you a solution for any type of rubbish.

Please see this list on which type of items requires what type of collection.

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How do I arrange a bulky waste collection?

It’s very simple and straightforward. If you need a bulky waste collection just request one online or over the phone. Our bulky waste collections are competitively priced per 15 minutes of loading time. Collections are allocated on a first come first served basis however if your collection requires urgency then please let us know.

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What can be collected through normal collections?

Most rubbish from an office or stockroom clear out can easily be recycled and collected through your existing arrangements with us. It is never a problem for us if you have more rubbish and recycling bags than normal. For your peace of mind, you can always pre-warn us if this happens. If you have a bin (container) and need it emptied extra then just let us know.

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Keep materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots, glass, Tetra type packs and cans separate and place them into the appropriate bag or your recycling bin. Cardboard should be flat packed and placed into your recycling bin or tied up into easily handled bundles, have a yellow cardboard sticker attached and left out for your next scheduled recycling collection.

Recycling Services

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General Waste

Whatever can’t be recycled, like polystyrene, paper tissue (hand towels/ toilet paper), food waste, food contaminated packaging, plastic film (bags), wood, plastics like those used in CDs/DVDs, cases, folders, files, lever arches etc., goes into your (red) general waste bag or bin. A single small wooden item like a pallet, crate, pedestal, (office) chair or suitcase doesn’t need a bulky waste collection. If you use red bags for your rubbish then please affix one of the yellow cardboard stickers to the item and leave it out for the next general waste collection. If you use a general waste bin then just place the item inside the bin.

General Waste Services

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Waste requiring specialist handling

Some waste types are not collected via bulky collections since they require special handling. We offer specialist collection services for these waste types.

Please follow these links for information on how to arrange disposal of:

If you’re disposing of bedding or mattresses then there are some precautions to be made

In order to prevent the spread of vermin like bed bugs please seal any mattresses or box springs for disposal in a large plastic bag before putting it out for your bulky waste collection. You can get these large plastic bags at department stores, home improvement stores, moving supply centres and online retailers. Duvets and pillows can be presented for the regular general waste collection in a closed red bag or contained in a closed plastic bag inside your general waste container.  Never dispose of bedding in your recycling bin.

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Where does bulky waste end up?

We take white goods such as fridges and air conditioners to EMR in Willesden for de-gassing and dismantling. All other electrical items are sent to Sweeep in Kent for recycling.

The bulky waste which Westminster collects is sent to the Veolia bulky waste centre in Greenwich. Here materials such as metals, plastics and wood are segregated for recycling. The remaining waste is shredded making it small enough so it can be sent to the Energy Recovery Facility.

Self-delivery of waste

You can also deliver bulky waste and construction and demolition (builders) waste yourself to the waste transfer stations run by Cory Energy at Smugglers Way and Cringle Dock. For information, charges and registration you can contact them on 020 8871 3924 or visit this web page.

bulky waste disposal westminster

bulky waste westminster

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What areas do we collect bulky waste from?

We collect bulky waste throughout the whole of Westminster, please see our list of areas below, including maps highlighting our boundaries.

Westminster Areas

Mayfair – W1J

Soho – W1D / W1F

Fitzrovia – W1T

Pimlico – SW1V

St James – WC2

Bayswater – W2

Victoria – SW1

Covent Garden – WC2

Knightsbridge – SW7 / SW1

Belgravia – SW7 / SW1

Marylebone – NW1 / W1H