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Clinical waste disposal in Westminster

Clinical waste like syringes, needles, bandages, medication etc. should never be put in the general waste and recycling bags or left on the street under any circumstances. Apart from the obvious risk that this type of waste poses to public health, clinical waste presents a significant hazard to staff handling these materials. It must be handled in specific controlled ways with specialist equipment and also needs to be kept in approved clinical waste bags or bins.

Dealing with clinical waste requires a dedicated, well-managed system for handling and disposal.

This guide provides useful information and tips on how to manage waste of a clinical nature the correct way. This page can be used to obtain more information on handling clinical waste. If you’re looking for information on how to dispose of hazardous household waste you can find that here.

We provide clinical waste services for your business that help you dispose of it the right way.

  • GP practices
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hospitals and health care centres
  • Dental practises
  • Tattoo and piercing parlours
  • Beauticians and cosmetic surgeries
westminster commercial waste
  • We ensure all clinical waste is treated locally with the maximum benefit to the environment.
  • Our clinical waste service is a tailored service which works to a schedule which suits you.
  • We offer services for small businesses and national chains.
  • We are reliable. Our collection crews have a 24/7 presence in Westminster. We are never far away from your business to help you.
  • Our collection vehicles are low emission or fully electric.
westminster commercial waste

Get started with clinical waste collections

Clinical waste services are tailored to each individual businesses requirements, so the collection steps can vary. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to dispose of clinical waste, please get in touch.

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westminster commercial waste


westminster commercial waste

Areas of operation

Whilst we only offer our services to businesses in Westminster, we can help you to find the best waste services possible if you are not in the area. This means that if you are a chain with multiple locations in London and across the country, we can still help you through our partnership with Veolia.

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