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Coffee cup recycling

Why separate coffee cups? 

Did you know 84% of hot drink buyers are still using disposable cups?

Coffee cups are often thrown away into general waste bins due to the widespread belief that they can’t be recycled. Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service are on a mission to correct this and educate businesses on our new Coffee Cup Collection Service. With us, you can ensure you’re improving your carbon footprint whilst also supplying your staff and guests with a sustainable alternative to throwing away their cups.

We cater for all, no matter the size or industry, so if you’d like to implement our Coffee Cup Collection Service then get in touch with us today and discover how we can help. Recycling your coffee cups doesn’t need to be difficult!

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What is our coffee cup service?

Our Coffee Cup Service is a new collection service designed to encourage more recycling in the work place and solve the issue of the large number of disposable cups sold in London on a regular basis. We will provide you with specific bins for your offices that are used only for coffee cup recycling. We’ll regularly collect these bins and send it to one of our local facilities to be specially treated to separate the different plastic and paper fibres so it can be repurposed into something new!

If your business adopts our Coffee Cup Service, you’ll not only be reducing the costs in other areas of your company’s bin disposal but you’ll be reducing landfill and contributing to a greener environment.

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Why should you use Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services to recycle your coffee cups?

Benefits of our coffee cup service

  • Ensures staff and guests have somewhere to recycle coffee cups
  • Easy collection of the separated coffee cups from your premises
  • A flexible service to ensure we work around your schedule and needs
  • Our local facilities mean we can recycle your coffee cups with the maximum benefit to the environment
  • Includes all the equipment (bins and bags) you need to manage collections in a hygienic manner

How does it work?

  • We provide all materials needed to start recycling coffee cups
  • You’ll then need to separate your lids, straws, stirrers and other items from the actual coffee cup
  • We’ll collect your coffee cup waste and transport it to a local facility
  • The plastic lining is specially separated from the paper cup to maximise recycling quality
  • The coffee cup materials are then recycled into something new
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Learn more about recycling in Westminster with our new guide

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Coffee cup recycling is just one of the services we provide in and around Westminster. With so many different kinds of waste, it can be hard to know what waste goes where. To make life a little easier, we’ve made a guide to let you know where you need to put your waste to make sure we keep recycling as efficiently as possible.

There are useful links along the way so that you can find out more about each waste stream.

Download your infographic guide by clicking on the image.