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Deep cleansing in Westminster

Providing your visitors, customers, guests and staff with a welcoming environment that gives the ‘wow factor’ is of great importance. This includes any hard standing areas around your premises. Unfortunately due to Central London’s intense environment, these areas can quickly look grubby through staining if not regularly looked after.

Staining on Westminster’s pavements is often caused by leaking waste bags that have not been sealed or used correctly. If your waste bags are regularly leaking, please take a look at our article which shows you how to present waste bags out correctly.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your premises, Westminster’s deep cleansing service is at hand to ensure your immediate vicinity will look cleaner and feel safer.

  • (Cooking) oil leaks
  • Fast food spillages
  • Uncollected or poorly contained waste bags
  • Chewing gum deposits
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Car pollution
westminster commercial waste
  • We clean an enormous length of streets, public spaces, monuments and structures to an extremely high standard every year.
  • We wash, disinfect and deep clean hard standing areas.
  • We work with some of the biggest names in retail, media, property management and hospitality.
  • Our experience is unrivalled, looking after some of the most high profile public areas in the UK.
  • We know how to make sure your business’ surroundings look their best by using cleansing techniques best suited to your circumstances.
westminster commercial waste

How our deep cleansing service works

Step 1

Step 1
Contact us for a consultation

Contact us now for an initial consultation, face to face, where we explain our service offering and what can be done via a bespoke solution tailored to your business. The deep cleaning service is competitively priced and offers discounts for regularly scheduled work.

Contact us

Step 2

Step 2
We deep clean around your premises

We offer a service at a time to suit you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We only use environmentally friendly techniques without hazardous chemicals.

westminster commercial waste

Learn more about street cleansing and recycling in Westminster


Deep cleansing service brochure

Looking for more details on what we can offer you? You can download further information on the deep cleansing service here.



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This will give you an overview of the topic with suggestions as to what your organisation can do to deliver your services and products in a more sustainable way.

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westminster commercial waste

Areas of operation

We only offer our deep cleansing services in Westminster. Why not enquire if you want to know more about  the options we have available for you?

Westminster is your one stop shop for all environmental services; from collecting your bins to pest control and cleansing of hard standing areas.

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