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Paper and Cardboard Recycling in Westminster

paper and cardboard recycling 

Why is separated paper and cardboard recycling beneficial?

Our paper and cardboard recycling service is very suitable for retailers and offices. Most waste from these sectors is paper and cardboard. It would be a shame to mix this high-quality material with other recyclables after which it will require extensive sorting with loss of quality as a result. As such it is a legal requirement to ensure that paper and cardboard are not mixed with other rubbish.

It is better for the environment as well as your wallet to keep larger volumes of paper and cardboard separate for recycling. Our collection service can be tailored so keeping paper and cardboard separate won’t take up extra space. Paper and cardboard recycling collections are also a lot more cost-effective than getting rid of it as mixed recycling or general waste. Prices start from as little as 50 pence. 

How can you get started with paper and cardboard recycling collections in Westminster?

We strongly recommend you use one of our paper and cardboard recycling bins or a cardboard baler.  Balers compact boxes and paper into small cubes which can be easily handled and don’t take up extra space. They are by far the best way to have your paper and cardboard collected. We can supply bins and balers so bulky materials such as cardboard don’t get in the way of the day to day running of your business. They come in big and small sizes depending on how much of it you produce. Just contact us to set up a collection agreement.

Small amounts of cardboard, provided it’s neatly bundled and with a cardboard sticker attached, can also be presented for recycling at the same time as your blue recycling bags. You can order these stickers online.


Not everything can or should be recycled. Putting the wrong materials into your paper and cardboard recycling can cause whole truckloads to be useless for recycling. The most common contaminants found in recycling loads are black bags, food waste, food-soiled packaging, sanitary waste (e.g. paper towels, napkins etc), hazardous waste such as batteries and paint, bulky items and electrical appliances. Westminster can collect this waste as part of general waste or bulky waste collections.

Watch a paper and cardboard recycling load collected from Westminster businesses being unloaded at the transfer station, on its way getting recycled: