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Showcase your business’ waste and recycling efforts

Between September 25th and October 1st, there is a competition from The Heart of London Business Alliance – one of the business improvement districts (BID) in Westminster. The competition is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase how your business is reusing, reducing and recycling waste, whilst saving money in the process. This is a great opportunity to publicise your business and the Heart of London Business Alliance will be harnessing PR opportunities for all those who enter. The video below will show you the benefits of taking part in the competition and the importance of recycling in London.

Heart of London preferred supplier for waste and recycling collections

The preferred suppliers for waste and recycling collections have been chosen after a number of different waste operators provided a proposal. The choice was based on a range of factors related to the quality of waste disposal including the following:

  • ISO Standards
  • Collection materials and techniques
  • Commitment to public realm improvements
  • Air quality standards and non-diesel/petrol vehicles
  • Commitment to (closed loop) recycling
  • Cost savings

After an in-depth look into all of these, Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services were chosen to become one of the preferred waste and recycling collectors for Heart of London Business Alliance.

What made us stand out from the rest?

As well as prevailing in all of the above points, there were also some other major factors that led to us being chosen as a preferred supplier. Since we are a Waste Collection Authority, we already collect waste in all streets of Westminster anyway. So by using our services, fewer collection vehicles will be on the streets of London, reducing the amount of harmful air pollution. In addition to this, our fleet features hybrid and electric vehicles which produce few emissions. We also provide support to a wide range of different sized businesses and the BID with high-quality waste and recycling collection services. Our services go the extra mile, by encouraging businesses to recycle and to support them in making changes.

Although our focus will be working with the members of the Heart of London BID, we are committed to improving the entire area covered by the Heart of London Business Alliance. We are looking forward to putting in an exceptional collection service which will take pressure off the public realm for waste collections.

Christina Wells from The Heart of London Business Alliance went out with our crew and had a few words about her experience.

“It was great to get out on the ground and see the challenges these operatives were faced with. They are a hardworking, efficient team collecting from narrow and congested roads in Westminster. “

“I have so much admiration for these operatives. It is a labour intensive job with narrow roads and lots of congestion. They do a safe and efficient job in a challenging environment.”

recycling in london recycling in london

How can you take part in the Heart of London competition

To demonstrate your business’s contribution to the environment, through waste reduction and recycling, enter the Heart of London competition by tweeting, using the handle @HOLBID and #RecycleWeek. The winner will be decided by The Heart of London Team with the victors being announced in the following week and receiving Heart of London goodie bags for up to five employees.

To learn more about the Heart of London’s push for a single waste and recycling operator, click here.

If you want to read more about our services for Heart of London Business Alliance members see our dedicated page or you can click one of the buttons below to get in touch with us directly.


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