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Showcasing your rubbish: Energy from Waste Innovation Summit

Nothing gets wasted

You might not think anything of it when you place out your business’ rubbish for collection, however, the way this waste is managed by Westminster City Council is exemplary. Whether they are recyclable materials or that waste that can’t be recycled; Westminster ensures that none of it gets wasted. We recognise that the world’s resources are finite and that we have to do more to make sure we don’t just exhaust these. As such, generating energy from waste is a key subject area for us. 

Sharing best practice in energy from waste

energy from waste

Image from Halcyon Group Global Waste Energy Summit

Westminster was asked to tell more about how waste is managed sustainably at the Energy from Waste Innovation Summit in Berlin. Waste and energy leaders from across the world met here to ensure that waste is used in such way that scarce resources and energy are not lost.

For example, the leading technology provider Hitachi Zosen Innova explained that 1000 kilogrammes of organic waste, such as food waste, can provide enough transport fuel to drive a car 1000 kilometres. They also showed how using 1000 kilogrammes of general waste in an energy recovery facility saves on 260 kilogrammes of heating oil. CEWEP explained that energy from waste supports recycling of waste by using residues from recycling processes to produce energy. CEWEP works on providing recognition for the role energy from waste plays in managing waste sustainably. Innovative technology provider CNIM showed how using Best Available Technologies ensures that waste doesn’t cause pollution and resources are saved for further use.

Digital technology

Using digital technology and ‘smart cities’ concepts offer great opportunities for managing resources better. Developments such as waste sorting robots and a facility powered by waste in Switzerland that harvests CO2 from the atmosphere are a reality now. However if the ‘Internet of Things’ will sacrifice or save our environment remains to be seen.

Would you like to see where all our waste goes?

We’ve put it all in an infographic that you can download. 

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