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Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service supports initiatives to reduce food waste

If you agree that wasting food is something we should address, then let us bring your attention to Lovefoodhatewaste.com. This website has lots of great advice on how to reduce food waste and how that positively impacts both your own pocket and our planet.

Little Wins Less Waste for London

Within the site, there are details of a new initiative from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (also known as WRAP). The campaign specifically targets food waste in London, pointing out that half of London’s waste comes from kitchen bins, costing £1.4 billion a year.

The website has lots of ideas for ‘little wins’ that together would make a huge difference. There are tips for the food you throw away, a portion planner and a recipe section for what to make out of leftovers.

Food waste is also a big component of business waste. Each day millions of Londoners eat at their workplace or enjoy a meal out. As such, lots of unused food ends up being disposed of by businesses and the person looking after waste management gets the task of disposing of it.

Perhaps you could send a note round the workplace sending people to the Little Wins for Less Waste web page so they can plan their food a little more carefully and reduce the waste to the minimum. Instead of throwing leftovers

If you’re generating lots of food waste – perhaps you have a canteen or run a hotel, restaurant, takeaway, pub or bar – then hopefully you’re aware we have a specific service for you.

You can see full details of our food waste collection services on this website but the essentials are:

  • We collect separated food waste from your premises
  • This is a tailored service which works to a schedule which suits you
  • Our role is then to ensure all food waste is treated locally with the maximum benefit to the environment
  • Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service uses your compostable waste to produce 100% renewable energy and soil fertilisers
  • The service includes all the equipment (bins and bags) you need to manage collections in a hygienic manner that is fully compliant with Animal By-Product Regulations

Finally, if you want to reduce all kinds of waste then do download a copy of our guide.

Click here to get our Guide on Waste Reduction