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Sustainability Guide: Straightforward tips on how your organisation can become environmentally sustainable

If one of your business’ New Year’s resolutions was to become more environmentally responsible in 2018, then we would like to offer you some help in the form of our new Sustainability Guide. By following some of the easily implemented suggestions you can join a host of Westminster businesses that appreciate they have a duty towards performing better on sustainability.

Recognised leaders in sustainability include Unilever, whose CEO Paul Polman shared just one of his key motivations:

70 percent of our shareholders have been with us for seven years, and 85 percent of them say that sustainability is very important. They know that you need to have a responsible contract with society to take costs out of your system, to lower risk, to attract the right people.

Even if you are not a blue-chip multinational with shareholders, we understand that sustainability is becoming an increasing concern to your customers and to your trading partners and suppliers. For this reason, we have developed an introductory guide on sustainability for businesses. The guide covers all the basics around improving sustainability in the workplace in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

Our guide to sustainability

There are three main sections included in the Sustainability Guide:

Section 1 identifies the six areas to include in a sustainability plan and provides useful advice on how to approach each area.

Section 2 draws from our deep experience of sustainable waste management, developed as one of the nation’s largest collections of waste from businesses.

Section 3 includes suggested actions to take and sustainability-related resources available to use.

You can see more detail on each of the sections below or download the guide now.

sustainable waste management

Here is a quick run through of the questions that we have addressed the guide:

Section 1: What are the six areas of sustainability and why is this topic so important?

In the first section of our sustainability guide, we outline the importance of sustainability to your business or organisation and just how serious this environmental challenge has become. We also delve into the widely recognised six key areas of sustainability. These are areas that your business should focus on if you want to achieve your sustainability goals. The areas concerned are:

  • Climate change and energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Transport and connectivity
  • Water management
  • Building materials selection and purchasing
  • Waste management and recycling

Section 2 – What aspects of waste management should you consider in a sustainability plan?

As a leading waste management provider, we look at why waste management is a crucial element of sustainability. This section provides useful examples of how you can reduce the amount of waste that you produce in the workplace, and how to better recycle the waste that is inevitably thrown away. We also look at some good waste reduction examples and initiatives, including the 2012 London Olympic Park and a useful guide from WRAP.

We also offer a checklist in this section where you can tick off all of the sustainable waste related activities your organisation currently utilises.

Section 3 – Where can you find suggested actions to take and resources on sustainability?

In our final section, we try and equip you with everything you need to take your organisation’s sustainability efforts to the next level. Here you can see some suggested next steps for your organisation to make; useful information surrounding the general topic of sustainability; and resources that are specifically designed to improve your waste management.

If you are a fan of TED talks, there are also some links to thought-provoking videos on sustainability from experts that will motivate you in your promotion of sustainability within your organisation.

Looking to get started?

If you are looking to get started on, or advance, your sustainability agenda within your organisation then why not download the full guide now.

sustainable waste management

Once you have taken a look at the sustainability guide, organising a waste audit is an excellent way to start and improve things. If you would like one of our experts to come and advise you on what you can do, just click on the image below to book an appointment at a time that suits you. We would be more than happy to advise you on how real and measurable improvements can be achieved.

waste audit

We provide our waste audits to the whole of Westminster, some of the most popular locations where we provide this service are listed below.

  • Mayfair – W1J / K1S
  • Soho – W1D / W1F
  • Fitzrovia – W1T
  • Pimlico – SW1V
  • St James – WC2
  • Knightsbridge – SW7 – SW1
  • Belgravia – SW7 / SW1
  • Marylebone – NW1 / W1H
  • Bayswater – W2
  • Victoria – SW1
  • Covent Garden – WC2