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Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council tackling London air pollution. You can make an impact immediately.

London air pollution initiatives that you can be part of today

You will no doubt have been reading and hearing a great deal about the growing issue of traffic congestion in the capital and the resultant London air pollution. Headlines this year have included Westminster City Council’s decision to tax higher polluting vehicles through parking charges.

The reason for such a strong stance has been the evidence that London air pollution is not only causing serious health issues but, in turn, is having a serious impact on lost productivity and revenue in local affected areas.

Low Emission Neighbourhoods

Plans for ultra low emission areas are advanced and include five proposed Low Emissions Neighbourhoods including one in Westminster.

The Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood is a partnership between the council and local stakeholders including residents associations and business improvement districts.  Proposals include the consolidation of any commercial or freight delivery traffic to cut down on vehicle movements on the road.

Helping immediately in Westminster – reduce waste collection and disposal journeys

If your business is in the Westminster area then there is something you can do with our Commercial Waste Services operation to help immediately. We are working towards having fewer waste collection journeys through our streets by consolidating your waste servicing arrangements.

If you think about it, how many waste vehicles pass your place of work each day. Did you know many of those trucks will have started their journey from outside of Greater London and will take the rubbish they collect all over the Southeast (and beyond)?

If you would be happy to work with us as your local service operator, then you can be sure that all vehicles are based locally and that all waste and recycling is processed locally. Because we coordinate both residential and business waste collections, we are also able to schedule with the minimum number of journeys whilst still servicing both communities.

More green that just vehicle movement reduction

Using our Commercial Waste Service not only has the immediate impact on your neighbourhood of reduced vehicle movements, there is also all the added impact wasting nothing we collect. Whether you are having recycling collected or general waste; everything gets used again.

Recyclable materials go to our processing plant in SE15 for sorting and bulking. All general waste that can’t be recycled goes to create clean electricity and heat for London through the award winning combined heat and power (CHP) energy recovery facility in Deptford. This saves on burning fossil fuel for power instead.

Ready to do your bit?

You can help reduce London air pollution straight away. If reducing vehicle journeys and the associated pollution all makes sense to you and your organisation, and you would like to join us, then these are the 3 ways to start the service.

  1. REGISTER and ORDER online
  2. REGISTER and ORDER through our Customer Service Team
  3. Arrange a VISIT with a local representative through our website if you’re not quite sure what service or options you need