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Time to review your waste collection services for the year?

Whether commercial waste collection services are a vital and everyday part of your operation or a basic necessity, it is always good to review them annually.

A good example of a reason to review waste collection services may be a new goal to increase the amount of recycling that your organisation does this year. Another may be to consolidate the number of waste collection partners you have and find an ‘all-in-one’ provider. A final example may be a change or extension of your operating hours that demands a different collection schedule to suit you.

Operating on all occasions and for all kinds of waste and recycling

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service works every day of the year to collect commercial waste and recycling from your business or organisation. In addition to those standard services you’d expect, we also offer many specialist services to suit the type of operation you run.

Could you benefit this year from any of these services?

Deep Cleaning Service

Give the area around your premises an early spring clean. First impressions are so important to your visitors and Central London’s intense environment can take its toll.

Food Waste

If you serve food on your premises, did you realise that food waste is a valuable resource? It can be turned into compost and renewable energy.

Confidential Waste

If you need to be sure that sensitive information is destroyed, whether documents, media, data and alike; consider our specialist confidential waste service.

Clinical Waste

If you operate a clinic or health centre then items like syringes, bandages and medication need to be disposed of carefully without creating a hazard.

If we can help with your review, there are lots of ways to get in touch through this website or call the customer service team on 0207 641 6180.

We also have a guide on choosing a new Waste Collection & Recycling supplier that you would be very welcome to download. 

Click here to download our New Supplier Guide