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Updated Cleanstreets website goes live

Westminster City Council’s dedicated Commercial Waste website gets an update

All Commercial Waste staff, from our rubbish collectors on the street to the call centre personnel, want to deliver the very best service to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services or how those services are delivered.

Being open to feedback and suggestions, it became clear that as good as our services were, if people didn’t know about them or couldn’t find the right one when looking, then we were letting them down. This situation prompted us to examine just exactly how our customers find out about our wide range of services online and how they were accessed.

The result was a complete review of our Cleanstreets website and how we communicated online. We investigated and researched how our clients accessed services via the website using our trusted web development agency, Toast, and found out how we could restructure and improve our website to better serve our customers.

The new website, launched this week, addressed the following goals:

  • Outlining ALL of the services we offer, how they are delivered and their benefits to you.
  • Defining the various sectors we help every day and the most common services used by those particular clients
  • Improving the process of obtaining quotes, organising bulky waste to be collected, answering frequently asked questions etc.
  • Providing more information on the clearly defined policies and guidelines we adhere to
  • Increasing the number of automated responses for the most common enquiry types, so offering a faster customer service response

This is a small selection of the improvements we have made that will hopefully make the lives of our customers easier and more efficient.

Please have a look around the new Cleanstreets website and let us know what you think, any feedback would be gratefully received to commercialwaste@westminster.gov.uk or through our Comments page.