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Join the walk for WasteAid 2018 – Bridging the Global Recycling Gap

In 2018, we have seen a strong focus on plastic waste and in particular, marine plastic pollution. On 23rd June, over 120 volunteers will be taking part in the 15.5-mile Walk for WasteAid across London including a number of the iconic Thames bridges, to raise awareness against marine plastics pollution.

walk for wasteaid

Why is it so important to raise awareness for marine plastics?

In the UK, we are lucky enough to have regular waste and recycling collections. For some parts of the world, however, this isn’t a luxury they have. Over two billion people in the world don’t have their rubbish collected, that’s over 25% of the world’s population. The WasteAid walk across London bridges will raise money to train communities, without rubbish collections, simple recycling techniques.

Where is the walk taking place?

The walk will begin near Putney Bridge (Fulham, west London) and head east towards Westminster. On their way, the participators will be passing over 16 bridges that cross the Thames and stop for a lunch break in Vauxhall. They will then head to the finish line in Southwark, past the Tower Bridge.

Walk for WasteAid organiser, Sally Talbot said: “We are looking forward to meeting old friends and new at the biggest ever ‘Walk for WasteAid’. It’s easy to sign up and everyone is welcome to join us and have some fun. We’ll [WasteAid] be doing a litter pick along the way and providing refreshments at the start, middle and finish line. It’s a beautiful route through the historic city of London, and not to be missed!”

Commercial Waste Services is supportive of WasteAid’s causes and agrees that ‘’waste management has a powerful and positive impact on people’s well-being’’

What if you can’t walk the full distance?

If (like many of us) you don’t feel as though you can complete the full 15.5 miles, WasteAid welcome anybody to join at lunch and just walk the remaining 6 miles.

It’s still not too late to register to take part, you can get your tickets here.

Of course, the participators will appreciate all of the support you give them, so get down to London and show your support.

You can see a map of the route below:

How else can you support the global marine plastic problem

  1. You can donate directly to WasteAid UK to assist third world communities in recycling more.
  2. You can share an email to promote the Walk for WasteAid in London.
  3. If you’re a business, ensure you partner with a waste collector who recycles plastic to the highest possible standard.

How can Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services help with high-quality plastic recycling?

All of the recycling that we collect gets sent to the relevant sorting facility to ensure it is recycled to the highest standard. As an example, the automated machines in Veolia’s material recovery facility use infrared technology, magnets, electric currents and star screens (where small recyclables such as bottle tops are captured), to ensure the waste is separated out and sent to the right place for recycling. Whatever can’t be recycled is turned into energy for London at the Energy Recovery Facility.

The video below shows you how the SELCHP facility works:

Why not take a look where all of our waste goes?

where does waste go