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Waste Collection Guides for your New Business in Westminster

new business in westminsterContinuing our New Year theme of welcoming businesses to Westminster, we’d like to highlight some guides that may be useful.

Whether you’re opening up a restaurant in Westminster or moving your office to the area, we have a guide for you.

There are also a couple of generic guides to help any new business in Westminster reduce waste and to assist in a search for a great waste collection provider.

Hospitality Guide to Waste Management

Whether you’re a new restaurant or bar in Westminster, or maybe taking over an existing Westminster hotel or club, we have a handy guide for you.

Our guide for the hospitality sector outlines the categories of recycling that can be collected, what happens to your food waste, and how best to store food waste on your premises until it’s collected.

Download our Hospitality Guide

Retail Guide to Waste Management

If you’re opening a new retail outlet in Westminster this year, then you’ll be in good company. Westminster has more shops than Paris! From clothing shops in Mayfair to newsagents in Soho, effective waste collection is key to running a smooth operation.

We also have a guide to waste management for retailers, available as a free download.

Download our Retail Guide

Office Guide to Waste Management

Whatever the product or service your organisation provides, there needs to be a head office. And running such an office generates lots of recyclable materials. In the last of our sector-waste-management guides, we outline what can be recycled and how it needs sorting for collection.

Helping your waste collector with recycling ensures the maximum amount of London waste is recycled and not sent off to landfill sites.

Download our Office Guide

And finally… we have two guides to reducing waste and choosing your new commercial waste partner.

Please do download and take a look at these as you establish your new business in Westminster.

8 Tips on Waste Reduction new commercial waste supplier

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