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Waste management – Piccadilly, London, W1J

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Waste and recycling services in Piccadilly, W1J

The area around Piccadilly is regarded as one of the West Ends principal shopping streets. Piccadilly Circus is possibly one of the most recognised landmarks in the whole of London; this is the junction that connects Regent Street to Piccadilly. It became well known after the introduction of it’s large, electric, advertising boards. There are many wellknown retail stores and hospitality venues located in Piccadilly, including the Ritz Hotel and the flagship Waterstones store. Due to the variety of stores and entertainment venues located in Piccadilly, all kinds of people visit the street on a daily basis.

For your premises, frequent and reliable, waste and recycling collections are essential to maintaining a safer, clean and productive venue. If you operate a retail store, you will need a commercial waste partner that can provide a range of services tailored to your needs all year round. If you operate an entertainment venue, you will need a flexible, all year round, waste collection service. In either case, Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services can help you.

Westminster City Council

Working with the Heart of London Business Alliance to provide you with outstanding waste management services

The Heart of London Business Alliance works with businesses in Piccadilly to support the commercial wellbeing of those they represent. Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services were chosen to be a preferred waste operator for Heart of London businesses. We were selected after a shortlist of waste operators services were assessed. After numerous assessments, Heart of London concluded that our quality and transparency of waste management services was far greater than that of any other waste collector and so selected us as their partner. 


Some of the clients that we currently provide waste management services for in Piccadilly include


retail waste piccadilly

The Ritz

waste collections piccadilly

Fortnum and Mason

waste collections piccadilly

Cotswold Outdoor

Westminster City Council

Waste and recycling collection times in Piccadilly

Residential rubbish and commercial waste bag presentation times on Piccadilly

Service Description Collection Days
Place your waste bags on the street at this time
Place your waste bags on the street at this time
Red commercial and household general waste bags  Monday – Sunday 05:30 – 06:00 18:30 – 19:00


Recycling presentation times

Service Description Collection Days Place your recycling bags on the street at this time
Blue recycling bags and cardboard from businesses Monday – Sunday 18:30 – 19:00
Blue recycling bags and cardboard mainly from residents Monday 05:30 – 06:00


Important information for waste collection times

To keep the city clean and moving we set the rules about when to present your waste and recyclables. Where waste/recycling is presented for collection on the highway the following applies:

  • Anyone in Piccadilly who uses Westminster’s streets to present bags of waste and recycling for collection can only do so at the times stated above.
  • Waste/recycling placed out after the start of the collection period may not be collected and may be enforced against.

Find out more about how to properly present your waste and recycling bags in Westminster

Westminster City Council

Do you require waste collections in Piccadilly?

If your business is located on Piccadilly (see the map below) then we can help you to improve your waste management.

Why not start by booking a waste audit?

We would suggest that the starting point for your business is to book a waste audit with one of our retail waste experts. They will come to your store, at a time that suits you and provide you with insight into how you can improve your waste management. To book a waste audit, simply click on the image below.

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