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Weekend waste collections for the Great British Spring Clean? We’ve got it covered.

Quick reminder: The Great British Spring Clean is being held this weekend across the country. Do make use of your weekend waste collections in Westminster!

spring clean weekend waste collections westminsterThis weekend is the time, if you ever needed one, to clear your business premises of any unwanted items. Once gathered, don’t put up with storing your waste and recycling all weekend – it’s much easier to arrange a weekend waste collection. Storage space is valuable and we don’t want you to end up with more clutter than when you started your Great British Spring Clean!

Once you’ve completed your Spring Clean, do remember that Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services run every day, including weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas Day. Unlike some of our competitors, who don’t collect at weekends or only offer a limited service, we work 7 days a week because we understand that our clients work every day. Indeed, weekends, in particular, can be the busiest trading days of the week for many of our clients, resulting in the most amount of waste generated. This means that we’re around to provide you with a weekend waste collection.

Whether you need extra bags or a whole truck, we can help. Large volumes of waste are never an issue for our crews, even on weekends. If you ever require some extra pick-ups at a weekend, just contact us. Bins and bags can be ordered online.

Aside from using this Great British Spring Clean weekend to clear out any unwanted items from your workplace, it might also be a good opportunity to review reduce your waste levels in the long run. Perhaps your organisation is interested in increasing the amount of recycling? Maybe you’d like to tweak your collection times to further suit the needs of your business? At Westminster Commercial Waste, we can help you review your services.

We have a guide to reducing waste if you would like to take a look. 

Click here to download our Guide

Where does the waste and recycling go?

Where possible, we aim to recycle or reuse every item that we receive from you. You’ll be surprised at how much can be recycled! Rest assured, if we’re unable to actually recycle any waste then it will not be sent to landfill. Instead, we’re in partnership with the SELCHP energy recovery facility in London – and so your rubbish is used to generate green energy.

Take a look at our infographic of where the waste and recycling goes.