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Westminster Lion Awards – Support Your Local Community

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Westminster is home to 54,000 businesses, which provide jobs for 700,000 people. In our ever-changing circumstances, however, we are facing some challenges that affect everybody who works, lives and visits Westminster. To address those challenges, the City Council has encouraged these businesses to become a recognised Westminster Lion and urged them to make a difference to our local community.

What are the changes being prioritised by Westminster City Council?

There is a wide range of issues that are faced not only in Westminster but all over the country. In Westminster, however, the council have identified the three main areas that need addressing.

  • Improving air quality – The quality of air in Westminster is some of the lowest in the country. Pollution is an issue that everybody can help to minimise, and it’s important that your business and its employees are helping to tackle this problem. How can we help you improve air quality?
  • Supporting the local community – The council recognise that businesses are always having positive impacts on communities across the country, but we are encouraging businesses to make an impact in their local community too. For example, supporting a local charity.
  • Tackling unemployment – The council are looking for ways to improve the livelihood of all of those in Westminster. An excellent place to start is to get those who are unemployed in the workplace. Businesses in Westminster can help by advertising jobs locally first, providing supported employment and offering work experience.

Get recognised for your efforts by becoming a Westminster Lion

Businesses that are actively committed to the above points will be rewarded by being recognised as a Westminster Lion.

The scheme is a totally free and allows responsible businesses that are making positive contributions to the local community to stand out.

westminster lion applicationHere’s what Cllr Robert Davis, MBE DL, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Culture and Heritage, Westminster City Council, had to say about the scheme:

“We are asking every business who has a stake in Westminster to help make a positive contribution to the city by supporting their local communities. The Westminster Lion standard recognises those businesses that go above and beyond to help ensure that the prosperity of the city is felt throughout all of our neighbourhoods.”

What do the Westminster Lions get?

As well as having use of the Westminster Lion crest on their business material, to show recognition of their work, there are also some other benefits.

All businesses that participate in the Westminster Lions scheme will be invited to business focussed events organised by the City Council.

Finally, once businesses are recognised as a Westminster Lion they are eligible to enter the Lion awards. The exclusive awards event is an opportunity for businesses to be recognised for their positive contributions to the local community.

The award-winning Lions will be announced on July 12th, so keep your eyes peeled to find out who the winners are.

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Become part of the exclusive Lion’s club

Businesses who have stood out as being particularly responsible will be invited to join The Lion’s Club. The club is a select group of businesses that will assist the council’s vision and activities, sharing good practice and leading the way for responsible businesses.

The members of The Lion’s Club will have the opportunity to meet with City Council cabinet members and present their excellent work to other business groups throughout the year.

How can you become a Westminster Lion?

Although the deadline for the 2018 Lions closed on 7th June 2018, you now have time to prepare for the 2019 application!

Make sure you stay up to date with the business news in Westminster to find out when applications are open.

How can using Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service help you to become a Westminster Lion?

As a local commercial waste operator, we can help you to become a Westminster Lion through waste consolidation and improving air quality.

Firstly, by choosing us as your commercial waste partner, you’re already off to a great start by using a local service as opposed to one outside of Westminster. The City Council’s collection service already employs up to 25% of staff from local Westminster communities and we aim to increase this even further.

Secondly, our environmental credentials are unrivalled by any other waste operator who collects waste in Westminster.

How can we help businesses to improve air quality in Westminster? 

As a local authority, we are legally obliged to collect waste from every street in Westminster. As such, we aim to collect as much waste in a single journey as possible which eliminates any need for additional waste trucks of others moving around Westminster.

By minimising the number of waste trucks travelling in and out of Westminster, we will be reducing the number of harmful emissions that are being produced as a result. It will also reduce congestion and the amount of time other vehicles are idling.

Some of our competitors have a round trip of about 32km in order to collect waste from Westminster. This can take an hour or more. Using Westminster’s service, the distance is less than a sixth of that at only 5km and only takes half the time. Less time on the road means less contribution to congestions and vehicle emissions.

On top of this, our fleet of vehicles is much newer and of a larger capacity than that of many other waste operators, meaning they produce fewer emissions and eliminate the need for any additional round trips due to insufficient load capacity.

Let us help you to become a Westminster Lion and be recognised for your hard work.

If you are prepared to look at a new Waste Collection partner as part of your contribution to the challenges faced, download our guide to selecting the right one for your organisation.

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