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Make your plastic waste the ‘hart’ of Christmas

To help raise plastic waste awareness and encourage people to recycle more this festive season, Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services, Heart of London Business Alliance and Veolia have joined forces to create a Christmas sculpture made entirely from recycled plastic, as part of an education campaign for the city.

Why should you join the plastic waste initiative?

You have the opportunity to join the initiative and show your commitment to sustainability by donating your used milk and plastic bottles for the sculpture. Your involvement will be recognised in online communications of the initiative and on social media – plus you’ll be part of the campaign that brings plastic waste awareness to thousands.

Hart of London

The sculpture will be a Hart (mature deer) and will symbolise a stand on plastic waste – igniting a change in the heart and minds of Londoners, by encouraging them to increase their commitment to recycling. The Hart will be displayed in the gardens of St James’s Church from 2 December 2018.

To make your bottle donations

Please rinse and collect milk bottles of all sizes. Do not crush the bottles.

Email us via this link if you’re interested in taking part and you’ll receive all the materials to help promote the scheme around your office.

Please see this page for more information.

Is it time to take a look at your businesses waste management practices?

If you want to get a better overview of how you can improve your waste management then you might be interested in our waste audit. One of our local waste and recycling experts will come to your businesses at a date and time that suits you and identify areas you can improve in.

If you are working towards a sustainability target, the audit is also a great way to begin measuring progress around better waste and recycling performance. 

waste audit

If you would like to know more about plastic waste and see our guide on everything you need to know about plastic waste

To find out more about the success of this initiative see our post on the finished Hart sculpture made from recycled plastic waste.