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Westminster City Council

What happens to Westminster’s waste? The animated infographic

Earlier this month we published our Infographic on “What happens to recycling and rubbish in Westminster?”.

The infographic shows where every different type of recycling or rubbish goes after it is collected from your organisation. The diagram demonstrates that all the waste Westminster City Council collects has a further use and none of the recycling or rubbish goes to landfill sites.

In detail you can see what happens to:

  • General waste
  • Mixed recycling
  • Separated recycling

To make the infographic just a little more ‘alive’ we have now animated the Infographic. You can see the animated image below.  

We hope that you like it. 

westminster waste infographic


Do remember that you can still download A4 or A3 versions of the infographic from the website too.

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