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Hospitality Services for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

Whether you operate a restaurant, club or hotel, we know that the business environment you operate in is challenging and demanding.

Your business’ image and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. We know that you need your restaurant waste or hotel waste, together with all your recycling, to be collected without fail, at a good price and without damage to the environment.

We have unrivalled experience and knowledge of your industry and collect from many of the city’s prestigious hospitality and retail businesses. We collect 24 hours a day all days of the year, including Christmas Day.

Key services you might be interested in include:

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Hospitality Sector Case Studies

Whether you are a 5-star Mayfair hotel or positioned as a budget London hotel, you will generate all kinds of waste and recycling. Factors such as the number of visitors and functions together with lunch and dinner covers and room to store waste will determine what types of waste you need collecting and how often. We will be listing a growing number of case studies about hotels in the Westminster area that we serve. Hopefully, they will provide some inspiration around leading waste management and sustainability practices for you to implement at your establishment. To see our full list of case studies click on the button below.

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hotel waste

Claridge’s Hotel, London, is a luxury 5-star hotel providing hospitality to some of London’s most important visitors. Our case study details:

  • what drives the agenda around waste management in a luxury hotel
  • the requirements and challenges of Claridge’s Hotel
  • the services that Commercial Waste Services put in place to help
  • the benefits enjoyed by Claridge’s from those services
Westminster City Council

The Langham Hotel is a 400 room, 5-star hotel just off Oxford Street. Guests in the hotel can be residents or can be attending one of the many meetings and conferences hosted by the hotel. Our case study details:

  • examining the challenges faced in a 5-star hotel
  • providing new services for a new agenda
  • benefits to The Langham, London
  • continuous improvement

hotel waste management

Westminster City Council

waste management in westminster

The Royal Automobile Club hosts first class accommodation, dining, and sports facilities and gained a royal title from its famous 1000 mile trial race. It’s had praise from politicians, celebrities, business people and royalty itself. Our case study details:

  • developing a thorough understanding of waste created and ways of disposal
  • problem areas that Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services improved
  • initiatives for the future
Westminster City Council

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